I'm sick from the disease eating away at me inside...

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Hello and welcome. I'm sure you've found yourself wondering why you're here. That is only up for you to decide. Perhaps, you'll figure it out later or maybe you won't. However, I will gladly introduce myself to possibly guide you along, maybe you'll find the answers you are looking for in this manner. My name is John Kramer but I'm more commonly known as the Jigsaw Killer. I never promoted this name, in fact I despise the term "killer" and the context it is used in to describe me. This name is simply something the media created to identify me by. I am not a killer. I despise murderers and will not tolerate or condone that sort of behavior.

How did I become who I am now? Simply from the fact after trying to kill myself I cannot take life for granted. I shouldn't have survived that car crash. There is so much to live for yet people waste their lives so carelessly every day. I am here to teach them why they need to live, I am here to give them a second chance at life. A sort of rebirth. To live again in a healthy way by cherishing their life, which is my motto. Humans need that survival instinct to live, some people are missing that key part. If the test subjects I used do not survive, I cut a part of their flesh out in a Jigsaw puzzle shape. This is to symbolize their missing survival instinct. Without the will to live, one does not deserve life.

I solely believe people can change and there is one very special person in my life that has shown me this. I can truly connect to her. She understands me, although her emotions need to be controlled. If she continues to let her emotions run wild the results will be devastating. Amanda Young...she was the first test subject to survive a game I had set up for her. You can say she became like a daughter for me or something closer. Only time will tell to see if she is truly worthy of carrying on my legacy.

There are moments when I find myself questioning my work. I have felt guilt, I have been remorseful...but it is for the best in the end. I put all my faith in my test subjects and I want to see them live. If they change, it is hopefully for the better. My work is not finished, even if I die my work will continue to go on. That is why I hope people trust my word, my visions, my legacy. Once you discover how precious life is you will never turn back again.

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Oh yes, there will be blood.