Okay, let's start here:

Okay, let's start here:
My nickname is Hope and that's all you're getting out of me about my name. Just call me Hope and we'll be cool. rolleyes
Yes, I am a guy or dude or male last time I checked in my pants in which was this morning. xd
My pretty much old at this point. XD But I'm still young at heart. I loved Gaia back in the day and I barely get on as it is... But feel free to add me, if you want. I don't bite... much. blaugh
Ever since Flash was taken away, I don't do much on Gaia besides Dress Up, play on the Marketplace (love playing the bidding war game), sometimes play zOMG, and talk with my small circle of friends I have on here.
Uhh... I guess I'm a huge gaymer. Yes, I am gay and I do play video games... a lot. The majority of them are RPGs and Fantasy.
Uhh... More to come, if I remember to do this. xD