what im all about

theres nothing very special about me [exept my imaganation haha]
sometimes i think... that i feel pretty much ignored like a puff coming out the window some of my friends in real life are just like me annoying and trying to be avoided lawlz

Things i like:
video games
thinking about myself

things i dont like:
President bush
vane people
70s music

i also love making my sister freak out by making those sounds from the grudge [ya know the moaning] hehe.I REALLY HATE VANE PEOPLE there selfish,cruel and hogs the bathroom making it impossible to hold it. i dont president bush he gets paid to torture us [please please leave george bush].i hate 70s music its gay and stupid who even sells those instumants anymore uhhhh *pukes*

I love art it lets your imagination run wild and free (even know im horrible at art its still fun) i love money i dont know why but i do it just makes me happy [im not cheap]. i love video games well who doesnt [i only like the violent ones :l] . i love water and also i love being "in" it. thinking about yourslef while in school keeps the teacher dumb enough to think your listening. thats all about me you need to know