Heyy, whats up? feel free to hmu haha
My names Danny but you can call me Hiso or Jun
Im 24 years old, blow the candles out on October 8.

No reason to know this really but I'll put it here anyways: Im pansexual,
Im monophobic and gerascophobic and Im also a huge crybaby, I literally have the attention span of a gold fish and no self-control what so ever.
Online I act the complete opposite of how I am in RL (more or less).

My obsessions: funny A N I M E, asian dramas & movies, anything horror or zombie related, k-pop, FOOD, drawing, cute things, cold weather/snow, traveling, basketball, hugging, cuddling and music.
Once I get started talking about any of this I wont stop btw.

I try to be a nice person but I get annoyed and pissed off easily aaaand I cuss a lot. I also tend to flirt without knowing sometimes so for the love of god do not take it seriously and if Im bugging you, please stop me. My expectations are below the floor, living a polaroid life....

and so yeeaa.... I think thats all....

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