Heyy, whats up? feel free to hmu haha
My names Danny but you can call me Hiso or Jun
Im 19 years, I old blow the candles out on October 8.

No reason to know this really but I'll put it here anyways: Im pansexual,
Im monophobic and gerascophobic and Im also a huge crybaby, I literally have the attention span of a gold fish and no self-control what so ever.
Online I act the complete opposite of how I am in RL (more or less).

My obsessions: A N I M E, asian dramas & movies, anything horror or zombie related, yaoi, k-pop, FOOD, drawing, cute things, cold weather/snow, traveling, basketball, hugging, cuddling and music.
Once I get started talking about any of this I wont stop btw.

I try to be a nice person but I get annoyed and pissed off easily aaaand I cuss a lot. I also tend to flirt without knowing sometimes so for the love of god do not take it seriously and if Im bugging you, please stop me.

and well.... I think thats about all.... mhmm.... Seeya!

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