~About me~
Name: Abi
Nickname: Abs
Birthday: 21st July
Place of Birth: Ipswich, Suffolk, Uk
Screen Name: high.performance

~My Appearance~
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'10
Body Style: Curvy
Glasses or Contacts: Glasses, but preferred none
Piercings: 7,5 on ears, belly button, nose
Tattoos: None

~Which is Better With The Opposite Sex~
Cute or sexy: Cute or Effin Hot!
Lips or Eyes: Both eyes tell a story, Lips show passion
Short or Tall: Taller than me smile
Easygoing or serious: Easy-going
Romantic or Spontaneous:Got to be spontaneous to be truly romantic

Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive
Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
Sweet or Caring: Caring shows you are sweet

This is me:

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Add me if you wish or PM me I don't mind smile xx


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This is me Add/PM me if you want to smile