hullo c:

you can call me stef.
i'm just another nineteen year old trying to make something of myself in this world. i graduated from college and already got a career in cosmetology; that's just one milestone i've conquered so far. got friends, family and the most amazing fiancee who have my back and i wouldn't be where i am right now if i didn't have them; i love you guys.

i believe in peace and balance.
i thrive in laid back atmospheres and i try to never let life's problems get to me. when things get a bit out of hand, i have a habit of meditating. i avoid confrontation the best i can; i cannot stand it when people argue other the stupidest of things. i am very stubborn and i will stand up for what i believe in. so please, do not start to lecture me about my life choices and/or beliefs. we're all entitled to our opinion; don't force it upon others.