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You give me cookie now? :3

If you're here for something regarding avi art, and don't want to read about me, scroll down s'more. D8<

Crap About Me! 8D

Hi people. I'm Naomi. >w< You can call me as such, or you may refer to me as HiaiNoTenshi, Cookie Queen of GaiaOnlineTHE INTERNET. ;P You can shorten that as you please. I'm 15 1617 years old, and my birthday's April 12th. Woohoo! >w< I'm a military B.R.A.T. and I've lived in Georgia, Florida, Japan, Texas, and Missouri. I'm moving again in a few months. |D Ah, the joys of the Air Force...

My loves~
I love reading all kinds of books...well, I won't say ALL... ( *COUGH* LE MORTE D'ARTHUR *COUGH* ), and have loved doing so since I learned how. So that makes like...almost 13 years of reading. =D
I love to write as well. This too is something that I've loved doing since childhood (won my first author's award in kindergarten! Hehe) As anime/manga nerd, I love writing/reading fanfictions. u_u; Mainly InuYasha, as I cannot seem to rid myself of the soul-stealing (HAHAHA PUN! ...yeah, I'm a nerd and I need a life. >>;; ) fandom.
I like talking my head off on the phone about random crap. TRUST me. The things my friends and I talk about get VERY random... We usually begin to spout off in our own little language, that only we understand. 8D;;
The internet is my crack. I can't live without it. I smoke it nearly 24/7. It's a highly addictive drug. Wen I have to do a project for school, I have to whip out my self-invented internet patches and slap a few on my arm. Similar to patches that help you stop smoking, these internet patches slowly help you live without internet. They however, do not have lasting effects, and can only keep me away for about a week. They work similarly to nicotine patches as well, only instead of nicotine, they feed controlled amounts of bandwith into your system. >w< Hehehe...I DO need a life, don't I?
Friends rule. LYK0|/|@1G@//|)//1LLUB|/|@1fR13|||D?1/1?!?!?!one!1!!?!!?11?!shiftplusone!1111?!!?eleventy1?! (Cookies to whoever can understand that x_x; ) Real life friends and internet friends are awesome. 8D I always find awesome people. Too bad wierdness coincides with awesomeness. D|;; I'm a wierd person magnent... Stupid wierd friends...rubbing off on me... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! *shakes fist*
[EDIT]:DEAR GOD. CRAZY, PSYCHO STALKERS WITH CRAPPIER GRAMMAR THAN THE CRAPPIEST CRAP EVER TO BE SPREAD ON A CRAP CRACKER SUUUUUCKKKKKKK *points to sheezyart link* GET IT OFF!! Ok...SOME wierd internet people are too weird for even one such as I! D8 ...Da Cheddar Shreddar. >> *shudder*
Learning foreign languages is really cool. I love the idea of being able to communicate in multiple langages. :3 Currently, I am learning japanese, spanish, and portuguese. Have any tips? Learning one of those too? Fluent in any of them? XD Let me know how much of a n00b I am in them!
Because I've been asked multiple times...I'M STRAIGHT, DAMN IT!!! =___= How the hell have I made it appear otherwise?!

ANIME/MANGA FOR THE WIN, YO! |D Wooo~ I like almost all kinds of anime and manga. When it comes to RPGs, however, I fail. D8 I do not have a gaming system of which to play them (my BROTHERS do, but alas, I do not...).

Anime/Manga I enjoy (And my comments!)
Inuyasha (yup...I'm the only one of my friends that still enjoys this...)
Wolf's Rain ( are annoying as hell. Do you know that?)
Chrno Crusade (So...fricken...sad!!! )
Elfen Lied (WOOT! Invisible vector armssss!!! )
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ( ._.;; Psychoooo~ )
Trigun (Doughnuts....)
D.N.Angel (Wiz is adorable. Dark owns. Krad can go screw a tree.)
Pani Poni Dash (Maho! Maho Maho! Mahomahomaho! It's warm from my body heat...)
Bobobo-bobo-bobo (.....LOL)
Comic Party (Taishi...I love you. D| )
Death Note (L...come back to life and marry me.)
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok (Loki looks and sounds like Gash from Konjiki no Gash Bell--Zatch bell in the U.S. =P )
Samurai Champloo (Mugen and Jin are idiots, but I love them regardless. X3)
Rurouni Kenshin ( Oro?! )
Mousou Dairinrin [Paranoia Agent] (Lawl...opening song...)
s-CRY-ed (Must...kill...Kanami...)
Cowboy Bebop (The Radical Edward! Luff to Ein~)
Big-O ( intelligent dumbass. XD; )

Anime/Manga I've seen/read just a little bit of, and want to continue (and my comments!)
Air Gear (
Coyote Ragtime Show ( XD Great Alias. "Mr." wink
Loveless (Heeeeeyyyy...didn't you just have your ears yesterday?)
Saiyuki ( |D Marry me, Gojyo...)
Peacemaker Kurogane (Piggy!!)
Ouran High School Host Club (Twins...pretty... |D -hug- )
Mezzo: Danger Service Agency (Bang!)
Midori No Hibi (Well...that's a most peculiar situation.. what if he has to shower? o.O )
Anima (Damn it! Speak, Senri!! I luff yewwww)
Nerima Daikon Brothers (Pandas, music, and perverted veggies! w00!)
Jinki: Extended ( cry too much.)
Excel Saga (homfg, cool!)

Anime/Manga I'm being forced to watch/read by my oh-so-loving friends
Black Cat (Hn. Looks interesting)
MAR (Talking shiny ball...)
Naruto ( o_O )
Gravitation (Nuuu! D8 I'm a shounen-ai girl! Not yaoi!! Eeep!)
Prince of Tennis (No...more...please... So...boooriiiinnnngggg)
Princess Tutu (WTF?! NOOOO! SO GIRLYYYYYY X_x)

I love random hugs, glomps, licks, cookies, etc.

I just started doing avi art. Due to the fact that I'm not that great and can't colour worth crap, it's free. XD BUT, tips are GREATLY appreciated, as I am quite poor. In fact, the only expensive things I have (the emo glasses and...some really cool overcoat thingie) were given to me by my friend, Dark-Xaldin (drop by and and give him a random lick or glomp. >w< It freaks him out!). However, I check my PMs about once a day (or less. >>;; ) so if you want some, come find me in the Art Freebies or Chatterbox! You'll find me in there somewhere, if you look hard enough. ^_~

Gosh frickity dang it...
I'm saving up for a new one. D| When I get one I WILL resume freebies. (My birthday's coming up in a few days [April 12]; maybe I'll luck out and one will magically appear on my bed when I wake up.)

Static Chloe (blue)
Opal Jewels (black, but make rose red)
Amburgers (?)
Irreplaceable Kisses (blue or yellow)
Asian Ravioli (blue)
SevereThunderstorm (green)
Deadly_Rayne (green)
Koala5428 (purple)
SilentAngelX (grey and blue)(?)
Magisha (green)
Pika Virus (?)
Tainted One (blue)
Skymera (green or black)
MosDefanie (green)
Dominicque (OC, colour-?)
HaruSuzu (blue)
twatinahat (purple)
Royal Epoch (blue)
carmeldelight123 (blue)
Deviously Handsome (no preference)
xXDemigoddess of DeathXx
The Super Procrastinator (blue or yellow)
pwnblizzard64 (red)
DemonCandy (OC, pink)
lucy the gentle (blue)
gothic_dragon_demon (black or blue)
Ruiko Annu (?)
dark_star1991 (bright purple)
radio paste (orange)
Princess0fRock (?)
IceKyrstal (red)


Eeeeee! And I LOVE gift art to pieces! So if you're bored to the point of near suicide, you can make me some avi art or just a random picture! Hehe. >w<

Heh. 8D; I have no life....
User Image

Lol. More recent secksysecksy doodles~
User Image

Oooo~ I just got a nurse hat in the daily chance. 8D Yay!

Avi Art Samples/Completed Works
WARNING: My style is subject to change at any given moment! T___T I'm so lame... I can't even keep a constant style...


[Questions and answers regarding avi art]

Gift Art?!
Nyaaaa~ The Cookie Queen is loved by her subjects! heart

By: Balam_x
User Image
It's adorableeee~ ^^ Sank you!

By: slipperyfish
User Image
You're welcome. ^^ And thank you!

By: Kiki98922
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It's so cuuuute! And I get cookiessss! Thank youuuu >w<

By: .x.XDarkDuckX.x.
User Image
OMG! Cookieeee~ *nomnomnom* Mmmm~ Thank yeww |D
Wheee~ Time to answer the random questions I've been asked! 8D

1.) Why are you called the Cookie Queen?

Because all your cookie are belong to me.

2.) Are you straight?

Yes... o_O Have I done something to make it seem otherwise?

3.) A/S/L?!1?!1!?!/1?!?!?1/11/1/1?!!!111!/?one?!

Not yet depending on social security/ None yet / Under your bed molesting the Boogie Man

4.) need of a Cookie King?

Eh, sure. Why not? Would help me out against the enemy...Veggie Kingdom...hisssss

5.) Are you the post-sex change Cookie Monster?

._. No...

6.) Do you like cookies?


7.) |)0 Y0U |-|@/3 |/|@|) 1337 R3@|)1||C, $|<1|_|_$?


8.) But is it made of win?

Yes. 8D

9.) What soap do you use in the shower?

Apricot splash

10.) Can I be your friend? 8D

Of course. ^^

11.) Will you draw me? o.o

Sure. >w< Come find me lurking in the freebies forums!

12.) Do you like cake? =3

Ew. No. D8

13.) What's in your wallet?

A dead rollie pollie. :3


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zaberfang1990 Report | 11/03/2008 11:36 am
GamerUltimo Report | 10/31/2008 9:10 pm
Hey sis!
Balam_x Report | 07/17/2008 4:07 pm
vote for me
RavengerX Report | 03/15/2008 3:56 pm
If you are willing would you be so kind as to draw my avatar? It would be greatly appreciated and I would gladly compensate you for your troubles.
treint Report | 03/04/2008 8:53 am
Can you draw my avi? o.O
C u r s e d M o o n s Report | 11/02/2007 1:48 pm

You were so right, just so you know, Matt/Mello and vice versa is very hott *A*

I don't see why ppl seem to hate RaitoL tho. So yeah, Raito is a freak, so he ruined himself to the very end, but remember how much you loved him in the first eps!

.. XD And anyway,

If not Raito's lover, the only way I see L in here is as some sort of mother for Mello & Near (Who create shota background. I HATE Near, more than anything, but when with Mello it is just so hot and angsty =~=),



Who said shota? Oh my!

Okay, I'll keep my kinky mind outta here.. xD

Have a cookie though! I'm willing to share mine with cool people, but it's a one time deal~!

lovejvvk Report | 11/01/2007 12:47 pm
C u r s e d M o o n s Report | 10/31/2007 11:14 pm


Thicc N Buttery Report | 04/25/2007 2:25 am
OMFGBBQ, It's Famous Amos! Only in girl form, and a whole lot nicer.

That Mofo kicked me out of his factory. I ONLY STOLED ONE BAG, DAMMIT. mad
HiaiNoTenshi Report | 04/11/2007 11:57 pm
Today's my birthday. :3 I'm 16 now.


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