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This is my noob acount... I WAS BANNED!!! IM SO SAD! crying anyway, i am SO over goosees. IM INTO ANIME! WOOT WOOT! I am normal! gonk anyway, i have ferendes.(Friends)

My story's/essays!

Body Borrow

Rachel begged,” Come on mommy! I really want to go to the park!”
Her mother said,” No Rachel, you can’t leave the house because there are witches everywhere. If we go you might get killed! Or even worse, they might steal your body!”
Rachel started to sob. She shrieked,” BUT I WANT TO GO TO THE PARK! PLEASE!”
Her mother said,” Fine, just stop screaming. But there is some rules for the park and when I am gone.”
“Thank you! Rachel said as she ran out.
“Wait! The rules Rachel! The rules!” Her mother screamed but it was to late, she was too far away.
Rachel stopped gasping for air in a dark desolate alley. She slowly walked towards the park when she saw a dog. “Oh no! A doggie is out alone! The witches might get him!” She screamed this as she looked at the collar.
“Med-u-sa, medu-sa. Oh your name is Medusa! She exclaimed as she put a leash on.
“Lets go to the park!” She said as she dragged Medusa along with her.
Medusa fought back. “Come with me Medusa. No bad girl! Don’t go that way.” She said but Medusa kept pulling her towards a tunnel.
“Medusa! Bad girl!” Rachel yelled while her bare feet are being severed leaving blood trails behind her.
Rachel started to cry,” Medusa, you are hurting me! Stop!” She was sobbing by now.
Medusa stopped. She barked and licked Rachel’s feet.
Rachel said while laughing,” That tickles. Lets go home now.”
Rachel couldn’t walk because of the injuries so Medusa picked her up on her back and started to carry her home. “I love you Medusa.” Rachel said while hugging her.
After the 5-mile walk Medusa was extremely tired and collapsed in the house. “Here is some food and water Medusa, good thing mommy wont be home for 2 more days!” Rachel said as she spread out the food and water.
Medusa slowly ate the food but drank all the water in one sip. “Here is some more water!” Rachel screamed as she put it in front of Medusa.
“I love you Medusa, you’re a cutie!” Rachel whispered while patting Medusas head. Medusa licked Rachel as a sign that she loved her back.
“Aw Medusa.” Rachel said as she hugged Medusa.
“Medusa you are my best friend. “.
Rachel yawns, “I’m tired.” Rachel says as she picks up Medusa and plops her down next to her bed.
“Goodnight!” She screamed as she fell asleep.
In the middle of the night Rachel woke up from a small sting in her hand. She looked at her hand and shrieked. Her hand had a shadow arrow inside of it.
She looked at medusa with hopeful eyes and whispered,” Help.”
Medusa looked at her for a full minute. Totally disobeying Rachel she opened her mouth. A shadow arrow zoomed through the air and sliced through Rachel’s neck. Blood splattered everywhere.
It wasn’t Rachel anymore, it was Medusa. “I’m ready.” She said.

~Souleater lord death AKA Soul eater justin AKA Alec


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My life as ME

Ill basicaly just record my everyday life.


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cute profile smile
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Yup how r u
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What's up
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O cool I never heard of soul eater what is it about
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cool my favorite is naruto
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whats up
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