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NOW -> Nothing, really.


Significant acquisitions:

ACTUALLY, YOU KNOW WHAT -> Screw it, I'm going to try for that Edmund doll. He's only been my favorite npc since I started gaia, and the price went back to somewhat understandable levels after the latest rig. I'm going to see if I can beat those price-jackers to it. *determined nod*
[EDIT 12/11/09]: I GOT HIM!!!!!!! ^________^ !!!!!!!!!!

2/20/10 - Got my Golden Wings! In part due to Evil Kitty of DOOOM liking the avi art I did so much.
=^ ^=

7/2010 - Got a Mabase! /And/ a Divided Stars! ^^ *heart* *is very surprised the prices dropped enough for me to be able to buy them*

11/10 - Got an INTERSTELLAR BOUNTY!!!! *is soooooo broke right now* heart

12/8/10 - Thank you for the Ace Meow, solarssun! heart

2/10/11 - Went on a small doll shopping-spree, and was able to get my Beghilos doll! My Ivan doll set is complete!! ^____^ *wouldn't say no to them releasing another one, though. ^ ~

4/24/10 - Got three anons, THREE, for being 'logical and awesome' in a SF thread. =QuQ= So damn awesome, but, man, was I measuring my words after such compliments. =^o^=; THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANONS!

5/2/11 - Picked up a Ballad of Orpheus. Not particularly expensive, but it's an item I've had an on-again-off-again stalking relationship with since it came out. Nice to finally have it in the invo. ^u^

5/7/11 - Thank you x 1000 for the Lucie, Kaiba/Kaneda. She's absolutely adorable. It's way too awesome a gift for just a little friendly advice. p uq

8/2/11 - Queen Dorado from mixtrix as a super-generous tip for avi art! ; o;

11/10/11 - Thank you for the totally unexpected Chocolate Puppy Cosplay, floral heels!

12/7/12 - Splurged on a Sable Monarch. = u= Though they're currently priced at roughly the lowest level this year, so still a pretty good deal. I just have been lusting over that top for.ev.er. Now I just have to see if I can do it justice in an avi.

12/22/13 - Gotta admit, I've been liking the results of this sale. Grabbed a bunch of items that I very much like but never really though I would be able to find at reasonable prices, including Winsor, Protostar Guardian, Rocket Gal and Solar Mage (<3).



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You king of ice
It would suffice
Thank you for the gifts! c :
If you'd be nice
But you're a jerk!




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angelus scars Report | 04/02/2014 12:44 am
hi there ...thanks for buying enjoy! ^_^ enjoy... wink wink
TheSunnyMyD Report | 12/28/2013 8:15 pm
no problem c:
Whip Report | 12/26/2013 10:46 pm
^_^ Glad to offer a tip, it's a really good skin if you use big hair and cover the arms and feet smile

I might mention the kickstarter idea to the guys on tumblr trying to get them to come here, it's really expensive to fly from here to anywhere (I paid nearly 3k flying to the UK last year!) and everything costs a lot of money here, so bands don't come often, or when they do, we pay lots of money to see them! But here's hopin! It's a nice country, lots of beautiful wilderness. I live within an hour from city, beach, mountains and rainforest smile

Failing that, I could always go to the states in future. If I took my friend along, she's got family there we could visit/stay with ^_^
Whip Report | 12/26/2013 9:43 pm
Oooh! Pale self portrait is the skin I'm using... I'd use white body dye but ehhhh too pricey! I think the sky one would work just as well, it's a lot cheaper too ^_^

I love the eyes you've used, and the shoes are a much better fit!

Thanks for showing me ^_^ It's a shame I'll probably never get to see them live... I doubt they have a large enough following to tour to Australia, though I know of some people trying to get them here ^_^
Whip Report | 12/26/2013 9:29 pm
I have not! I intend to, however ^_^

I'd love to see your walter girl if you ever equip it again!! I struggled to find the right hair so I compromised!
Skyllaeh Report | 12/18/2013 7:46 pm
Thank you! I was looking at the Reve eyes but I wasn't 100% sure.

Great job with them, and thank you a lot for the gold shop suggestion 3nodding
Skyllaeh Report | 12/18/2013 6:06 pm
I love the eyes your avatar has! What item is it? :O Or is it gold shop eyes? emotion_kirakira
Rude Report | 11/25/2013 7:29 pm
Thanks! I appreciate it.
seidkonacat Report | 11/17/2013 12:31 pm
omg, thank you!! biggrin
Slick Southpaw Report | 10/08/2013 10:35 pm
looooool it's been like that for some time because i am immature and couldn't stop giggling like a moron when I had the combination put together.


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