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Why hello there~ heart
Im Hazel the Witch!
I am a good witch ofcourse~ heart ~wink~
The witch of autumn and candy~ heart
You can find me in the CB~ heart

I Loooovvvee~ heart

Witchcraft~ heart
Candy~ heart
Autumn~ heart
Cuuute things!~ heart
ART! (Make me some?~ heart )
Walks in the forest~ heart
The night~ heart
People who think im cute!~ heart *giggles*
Cauldrons~ heart

I HATE!~User Image

Cat haters ; ^ ;User Image
Witch haters ; ^ ;User Image
The witch hunt ; ^ ;User Image
People who don't beleive in magic User Image(Thats just silly >w>)
People who think im a bad witch D; User Image(happens all the time >w>)
DOGS. User Image


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