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Finish this sentence:
The new androgyny is --


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Valgaror Report | 05/25/2009 8:44 pm
XD Ahh, okay. yeah, a lot of people seem to think I'm intimidating with debate or something...
That's okay, not arguing with people all the time is good too. XD
Valgaror Report | 05/25/2009 7:44 pm
XD I hate how I think in Fahrenheit, too. The name's German, though, that counts for something? Right? RIIIIGHT? =C

Haha- don't worry about it. I think you're an awesome person, too, even though we disagree- so it's not too strange a thing. =D ...And I'll try not to get into any debates... (not even fun ones? =F) XD
iChrissy Report | 10/30/2008 5:38 pm
Heh, I'm going to need it. ^ ^'

Thanks again. :]
iChrissy Report | 10/30/2008 5:29 pm
Teehee. :]

Why ty. ^ ^
early 2000s emo Report | 10/26/2008 7:32 pm
early 2000s emo
Go to your account settings, there should be something there. Filtering for the fail.

I'm in high school, but yeah, that's five years. xDD

early 2000s emo Report | 10/26/2008 7:19 pm
early 2000s emo
OH LAWL. Yep. That's me, and thanks, hah.

The sexies...I've never heard that one before. Clever Dan, you.

Heh. *****.

Word? xD

I'm a zombie. :B
early 2000s emo Report | 10/26/2008 7:13 pm
early 2000s emo
Oh? I didn't even see that.

It was the format of the signature. Har.

early 2000s emo Report | 10/26/2008 7:11 pm
early 2000s emo
You're....weezergurl's mule, correct?
Silver Falcon Report | 10/26/2008 6:55 pm
Silver Falcon
All right. See you. User Image
Silver Falcon Report | 10/26/2008 6:47 pm
Silver Falcon
No problem, and thanks for the kind comments. Good luck to you too. User Image


(( cool time, mule time ))