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Please call me Tsuki, okay? Thanks.
I enjoy Ball jointed dolls (I have two MSDs, a Homme Kirill- DOD named Dante, and a Twin-B- a DOD named Beatrice.) I love lolita fashion-- and really any Japanese fashion. Actually. I love all things Japanese. I've been there once in my life. I've also been to France...and I'm learning French at the high school I attend, too. Oh, and I love cosplaying!

I really love drawing and singing....not so much dancing or acting, both those are things I enjoy watching others do. I love Broadway shows, and if I still lived in New Jersey I'm sure I'd be seeing more. I really enjoy all of the arts. Oh. I'm a big Gamer. I really love all kinds of games, but if I had to pick what I dislike the most, I'd have to say FPS's. I don't really like most of them because they equal war games. Which I really, REALLY dislike. ANYWAYS. I DIGRESS.

Okay, personality time. I'm sarcastic and impatient, but I don't mind sitting down with someone I don't know and either just chatting or letting them vent their feelings. Or just letting them vent. I love to have lunch with people and going to amusement parks. I'm generally pretty friendly, but If I don't like you- you'll know. I try not to be a b***h, but sometimes that's just what seems to show, so sorry in advance. I can be really nit-picky if somethings bugging me.
Oh. I guess I should mention...I complain a lot. Usually not because something is actually worth complaining about- but because it makes me feel better. I should also mention that when I complain...it's pretty damn funny.

My cosplay plans for AX 2011!
Megurine Luka (Vocaloid)
Celty S. (Durarara!!)
Luki (DOGS, my friend is Noki)
Tsukumo (Karneval)
Lavi (D-Gray-Man)

Okay, that's all I can think of...So here we go with all those random details that no one cares about!
Oh. And Since this is old....some of it is pretty much...a recap of what's above. Sorry. Yeah. Uh. yeah. have fun reading all of this.

Age: 16 (Dec. 1st, Sophomore in High school)

Race: White? (really pale, people. )

Likes: Anime, music, art, cats, animals, anything Japanese

Dislikes: People who talk too much, Child abuse (or anything that hurts a child in any way. ), Homophobes, FISH (ewewew), Typos. Children.

Favorite Food: Rice, and Miso soup, oh and chicken Teriyaki.... Tea!

I am: Too many things. I'm also highly sarcastic. Really. I try really hard to be polite....really, really hard (doesn't work very often...) I also am usually very nice. I'm a listener. Obsessive Compulsive a bit...

Hobbies: Listening to music, drawing, role playing (paragraph Format), watching anime, reading Manga. Listening to peoples problems. Keeping secrets. Wearing lolita or Visual Kei. Hair.

...I think that's it. (Looking above all of this...there's a lot....)
Here's My other....Stuff..
Youtube name: TsukiOkami
Deviantart Name: TsukiOkami90
MangaBullet Name: TsukiOkami

Have a good day! If you've got the time, would you please check out these little fellas so they can level up? thanks~

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Thank you!


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HEY I'M BORED ;____;



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I wish you good luck! I'm also attending the similar school to that. Well, actually I'm in university and my course's related to the arts o/

May I see your arts? It's quite a long time since I saw your drawing! The only OC I remembered is Kaya XD

Report | 03/25/2013 9:57 pm


I'm glad to know! c: What's up lately?

Report | 03/25/2013 6:31 pm


I'm doing well! smile About you? It's been a long time crying

Report | 03/25/2013 6:23 am


Hi there! Just passing by ^___^
do you remember me? /shot

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...because deh cakey is good for the skin? ;;>.> That way you dont even have to eat it, your skin will absorb it! (:

Report | 12/01/2010 11:36 pm


"rolls"? lol sillyness.
-stuffs cake in face-
>.> I didnt do it. >.>

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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
-throws confetti at you-
Kiku-chan un

Report | 11/29/2010 11:31 pm

Kiku-chan un

girl: ~pokes and waves at you~ nyu un (=^.^=) ~licks your cheek~ I'm kana uchiha!

Report | 11/19/2010 11:10 pm


Rawr Rawr. o3o
Mail me if you ever want something from the Cash shop, k? ^^
music boy mario II

Report | 10/31/2010 12:30 pm

music boy mario II

ohh next time i order from you i will try to add items or gold so u can easy get one alright ?
1st thing i do 40k for an art <3
and i also add an items <3


Sed, Qui me defendet?

Ab me...terribilissimo ipse...