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((Peace be upon you))

Hello and welcome.

Just call me Harrotz. There's nothing much interesting about me, maybe. But it depends on how the person judge me.

Was an art student, and an Animator now. I've work for almost 4 years (started March 2014). I learned a lot of things, but I still have a lot more to learn. To polish my skills. Etc. 3nodding

I came to gaia in 2008. I made few friends here, but along the way, I make a lot of mistakes. I know I haven't been a good friend, nor a good person in general. But to those whom I may had wronged, I apologize for my actions. But I wish for you a blessed life. Time passes, and we grow, learn our mistakes, and seek for knowledge. We matured slowly, even so, there's so much in life to learn. Life itself is a lesson, every steps, every action, every deed, that's how we grow, that's how we educate ourselves.

I myself am still learning to be a better person. And I hope people can forgive me.

What is life?

I had this question myself, and people suddenly asking me this. I could not answer straight away because I don't wanna give the wrong answer. But after thinking a little about it, I have my own personal answer. And this is how I see it, in 4 different ways.

From an atheistic view of mine, for short, YOLO. "You Only Live Once." In other words, you enjoy life to the fullest. Do your best. You go all out.

From an agnostic view of mine, seeking knowledge, learning truth, understanding the world, and try my best to do good as much as possible. Kind of like, humanism/altruistic.

From a religions view of mine, most religion, to put it short see this world as a preparation for the next life. Believing in after life, is to prepare myself for that life.

And from my own personal belief, it's all in one. You live this life to the fullest, but we keep seeking knowledge, because we don't know what's best for us. To live in this world is to live the best life with the rules set for us, not to limit us, but for the benefit of us. Not rules of the people, but the rules of The Creator. We may know some things are good, but He knows what's best.
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