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xLion_Heart-214x Report | 03/07/2018 8:07 pm
lol playing what? TWOM?
xLion_Heart-214x Report | 03/05/2018 6:59 pm
yes O: I thought you knew, by your sis Maggie xP (I know that's not her real name but I always called her that) x3
xLion_Heart-214x Report | 03/04/2018 7:57 pm
lol "the boy" XD yes the one that got kicked out of the clan
bittersweet780 Report | 02/15/2018 3:11 pm
Holly! It's been so long! lol. Have you been doing well? I haven't been on Gaia that much lately, got busy at home. sweatdrop

Did you have a good Valentine's day? I almost forgot about it until I saw the Gaia event going on. lol. More work for us to do. xd

Hope you've been well!
ancantsia Report | 02/04/2018 9:35 am
Lol no our main language is English ( were part of Britain ) but there is another language they speak in the North of Scotland called Gaelic but its not so common the further down you go smile
ancantsia Report | 02/04/2018 12:20 am
I am from the land of Scots 3nodding

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ancantsia Report | 02/03/2018 12:15 pm
Yeah there are things going on year round bust most festivals start around end of March, beginning of April smile

The course was around £250 and the licence was around £200. smile
ancantsia Report | 02/01/2018 5:58 am
I did my security course and then paid for my licence 3nodding Its great fun being part of a team, the only downside is Nightshift and sleeping during the day in a tent when the temperature rises and everyone else is awake and noisy! gonk Plus sometimes the showers can be a bit iffy and lord knows how hard it is to find somewhere to charge your phone xd
ancantsia Report | 01/31/2018 4:26 am
Nah its used to it lol I do security at festivals and stuff so caffeine is a lifeline during Nightshift 3nodding
ancantsia Report | 01/30/2018 1:05 pm
Monster energy drink redface

I was kinda hyper after drinking a can down whole sweatdrop


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