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So Stick that in yourr Juice box and Suck it ;]]


Im in trouble;; Im an Addict.

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"But it wasn't a Joke when you kissed me in your room and replied I love you too. Imma little bit Insecure from all of these Mistreatments. But see Im working it out. But working it out is So Damn hard when your Alone...❤"

♫ Hello there. :3 Im Grace. ❤ I perfer to be called Gracie. :]] ♫
I love chatting so Hit me up with a comment or Private Message.

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Cmmt Mehh;;

I worship Charlie the Unicorn, Pon and Zi, Hello Kitty, Jeffery Star, Nickasaur, Gloomy Bear, Jack Skellington and Christofer Drew. They are all like. The Shiiit. :3 Im urber
sensitive when it comes to love and I find myself crying often.
And honestly? I dont care. :]] I usually dont get offended easily;;
But most of the time it depends on the person criticizing me.
My Avii usually looks Super Noob-ish b/c Im to lazy to earn gold.
Yush. Imma lazyyass. Feel sorry for me and Donate? ;]] Lmfao. Add me and I'll be your best friend. :3 We can talk for houuuurrrs. ;D Rawr. Imma eatie chuu. :3 Omnomnomnomnom. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I dont bite hard. O: If you want to see my pictures go to the Links below. Yes the little X's, Dumbass.
Im just about always on here, But if you need to reach me another
way you can Email me at Killedupsidedown@gmail.com
Thanks. ❤ Buh Bye. :3

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