Favorite Quotes ^.^

Oui, je t'aime - ?

You smell kinda good... - Inuyasha

One is all. All is one. - Edward Elric

I'm a delicate little flower! - Matt Wanzek

I'M READY!!!! - Spongebob Squarepants

Gay Christmas- I mean...French.... - Hetalia

I'm like a f*#@ing coffee bean!!!!" - Andrew

It's only a container... - Rick Haugen (my dad ♥ )

My halo is balanced perfectly by my devil horns. - My dad

...And so the lion fell in love with the lamb - Edward Cullen

Mommy, I wanna trade my birthday for a different month. - Erin

I know you said you've given up on me, but...don't. - Ootani Atsushi

Those are some nice teeth. Can I have some? - My Great Grandpa ♥

I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen! - Avril Lavigne

I wouldn't be such a smart a** if you weren't such a dumb a**! - no clue

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get. - Forest Gump

You two look wonderful. If I were your age, I date both of you - Cal (XD LOL!!!)

Everyone’s a little bit racist for no one is color blind. - I can’t remember who said that…

Did you die? (-Crash and Eddy) Sadly, yes....BUT I LIVED!!!!! (-Buck...ROFL)

We all have people in our lives...some of the are good; some of them are bad. - Criminal Minds

They say selfish people either come from being the oldest child or the only child. - Kagami Hiiragi

God is in heaven, laughing right now...he's like, "I can't believe I created that..." - Vic Mignogna

(To Japan smile Hey, if you never let anyone into your little world, how will they ever get anime??? - Hetalia

England, your eyeborws are massive and yet you're still adorable - HOW DO YOU DO IT?! - random YouTuber

I'm straight as a ruler. ( - me) Well I'm about as straight as a plastic bendy ruler. ( - I'm not a liberty to say)

I'm a weasel, damnit! - weaslel demon ( inuyasha episode 93. You have to hear how he says it to know why I love it)

Your like a bag of jelly beans.... Never know if the flavor is gonna be really good or puke worthy.... - Emily Nelson

We all have a path to take. I have a future and that future is my children so I have to keep moving forward. - Jane's friend

Oh, I'm sorry! Forgive me. It just seemed to me like it would be an object with great offensive power.... - Fujibayashi Kyou

Being blond isn't something you should be ashamed of. It is just a mental state of mind you shouldn't be proud of. - Me

We have just witnessed a classic example of what I like to call "misdirected rage." I believe the technical term is "being an a**." - Shigure Sohma

We can't pull out all at once. We have to do it slowly, and make sure it's okay first. Otherwise, everything we've worked for won't be worth anything. - Katie Larson

Unicorns, I love them! Unicorns, I love them! Unicorns, I love them! Unicorns, I love them! Unicorns, I love them! Unicrons, I love them! Uni, uni, unicorns! I LOOOOVE THEM! - Agnes

(Talking about a rapper on TV) Why does he feel the need to grab himself all the time? Does he think they're suddenly gonna disappear? Is he that insecure? - Beckbeck (My grandma, Becky Rhodes)

There's guys in the audience who are looking at their girlfriend like, "Why did you bring me in here? WHAT DID YOU DRAG ME IN HERE FOR?!?! To listen to your Velveeta cheese fest?!?!?!" Well, gentlemen, I'm sorry to tell you there's more cheese a-comin'....SO BREAK OUT THE RITZ CRACKERS BABY! - Vic Mignogna (XD ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥)

There's no such thing as a painless lesson; they just don't exist. Sacrifices are necessary; you can't gain anything without losing something first. Although, if you can indure that pain and walk away from it, you'll find that you'll have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstical...yea...a heart made fullmetal... - Edward Elric (final FMA:B episode)

How could you know that behind my eyes a sad girl cried? And how could you know that I hurt so much inside? And how could you know that I'm not the average girl; I'm carrying the weight of the world. I'm playing the role of the happy girl, but no one knows, inside I'm alone. But I would never show. I get everyday too much work and not enough play. Over and over it's always the same. - Over it (Superchick)

WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! YOU IDIOTS! YOOOOOOU! BOTH OF YOOOOOU! =D Oh what I'm gonna do to you.... XD I'm so angry...first...I'm gonna tear your lips out! Yea...that's what I'm gonna do. =) Then I'm gonna...gouge your eyes out! Ye...that's what I'm gonna do. =D Yea...you're scared, huh? Next...I'm gonna TEAR your arms outa the sockets. And ya wanna know what else? I'm gonna hitcha...and your gonna faaaaaallllllllll...and I'm gonna look doooowwwn...and I'm gonna laaauuuuggghhh....but first...FIRST XD ...I gotta take a wiz. =D Don't you go anywhere! - Ren Höek, the psychotic chihuahua

“Yagami-kun I’ve come to some conclusions about the Kira case.”
“I am now 5% sure that you are Kira.”
“How many times do I have to tell you?! I’M NOT KIRA!”
“6% ... 10%, and 85% sure you smell like pie, cherry pie…”
“Pie?! That has nothing to do with….”
“And…50% sure that you actually like strawberries, 35% sure that you believe in unicorns, 65% sure I'm going to forcefully steal my sucker back, 57% sure that all your base are belong to us, 87% that “believe it” is an overused phrase, 9% sure that we’re going to go on an adventure, 99% that you actually like these handcuffs, 95% that you might be angry right now96%...97%...”
“Ryuzaki! Stop with all the percentages!!!”
“3% you’re Kira.”
“Why are you telling me all this?”
“I was bored…oh and to distract you.”
“Distract me from what…?”
“100% stealing my sucker back …Believe It! ”
- L and Light ( http://www.youtube.com/v/lb1IO4UKbLw )

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Love life
Live to laugh
Laugh with friends
Friends are your family
Your family is always there
There to show you love
Love is a reason to live


I can't be placed into a group
Or defined in any way.
I'm just me you cannot change
The way I spend my days.
So go on and do your "thing"
Run along and be free.
The only category in which I place
Is the category known as me.


Girl: Tell me how much you love me..
Boy: Look up at the sky..
Girl: Stop changing the subject..
Boy: Just look...
Girl: *looks up at the sky* What Am I doing?
Boy: Now count the stars in the sky...
Girl: But that's impossible...
Boy: So is me explaining my love for you...


Theres only:
1 thing
2 do
3 words
4 you

I love you~


You built up the world of magic,
because your real life is tragic.


Smiles are like band-aids, they cover up the pain but it still hurts.


You know why "shrek" is the best fairytale?
Because in some fairytales, the prince and the princesses are perfect.
But in Shrek...
It teaches us that imperfect people can still have their own happy endings.


Your voice is now my favorite sound,
Your name is now my favorite noun.


Even if I have a hundred reasons to leave you...I'll look for that one reason to fight for you


You're the sky that I fell through
And I remember the view
Whenever I'm holding you

The sun hung from a string
Looking down on the world
As it warms over everything

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What is this "normal" of which you speak??? It really doesn't sound fun...
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