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Who is Grim Savage?

I am not a happy go lucky person. In my circle of friends, I'm nicknamed "Grim" and if you don't know why, the wallpaper on this profile should be explanation enough. I don't believe in codes of honor, there's an entry in my journal about why. What I do believe in is that if you wrong me or my friends, I will come after you as soon as I have a plan of some sort. If I don't like someone, I won't bother pretending to be civil to them unless my friends or my girlfriend tell me to, and even then, if I don't like you, I'm going to prod and poke at you every chance I get. I stick to what I believe, and if you try to tell me I'm wrong, or you don't like it, don't expect me to listen. I enjoy fake violence, real violence should be avoided if at all possible. I'm pro choice, deal with it. I despise politics and politicians. I have no faith in the human race, and nothing anyone does will give me hope. I treasure my girlfriend above everyone else, her life matters to me more than anyone else. I may not be the fastest or the strongest, but seven times out of ten, I'm the smartest and most resourceful. I do have friends that will help me if I need it, but don't think that means I'm just going to hide behind them. I am The Grim, and if all previous words have not convinced you, make me angry, disrespect or mock me, and I will show you just how wrong you are.

: ) Have a wonderful day, whoever you are.

P.S. I'm nice if you can penetrate my angry lobster shell.


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Brooklyn Hyuuga Report | 01/13/2011 1:17 pm
Brooklyn Hyuuga
Brooklyn Hyuuga Report | 10/18/2010 6:33 pm
Brooklyn Hyuuga
It didnt die, it just needs a lil push is all! I'll help out smile
Brooklyn Hyuuga Report | 10/18/2010 9:36 am
Brooklyn Hyuuga
Hey Grimm, how are you these days?
Xx_ladii_diimplezxX Report | 08/23/2010 10:43 am
thanx for buyin c** aqain!!!
Flamegirl34568 Report | 07/10/2010 11:24 pm
It is once again time for sleeping. Night.
Flamegirl34568 Report | 07/08/2010 10:43 pm
It's long past bedtime for me my friend. I'll be back tomorrow.
Broex Report | 03/10/2010 7:16 pm
sok' I dont mind

just wanted to make sure you were real xP
Broex Report | 03/10/2010 7:10 pm
Orc~~ <33

saw you in rally, too bad you left in a rush
Lost Tear Dropz Report | 02/17/2010 4:56 pm
Lost Tear Dropz
thank u for your buy wear tats with pride
azndreams Report | 12/23/2009 6:59 pm
Thank you for your purchase and enjoy the item.


I am not afraid of the darkness in my heart, nor am I afraid of the light. In order for peace to remain, a healthy balance of the two must be maintained. Why don't you understand?


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