hey whats up im thank full for your ppls help through my time of need mostly to Aznskills90214 he helped the most and to his friends who commented and pmed me thank u
Well my name is abby but i loved to be called Hitarai, my best friends in the whole intire world are Maya,Ta, Dri ,Jan,Patty, Brandus, sorry for the miss spelling, and alot of others. Ihate my family so much and could care less if they died ^_^. i like going to parties with mostly my friends jan patty and ashton^_^. oh i remeber Ashtons partie it as hella fun!! Or that Christmas Partie that Jan and Pattie brought me to we had so much fun dancing! Also i remeber asionas (again sorry for the misspelling)Anywa7y me and Maya talked untill like 4 in the morning and we kept laughing and once i was laughing so hard that she had to put a pillow over my head and when i stoped laughing she pulled harder and said "shhhhh this is what where here for, this is what where here for" then i did the same to her, it was hella fun!!