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A door opens into a dark-set room,a small table sitting in the middle of it,a four poster bed int he coner,curtains moving as if someone's fingers are running along the silken red cloth.Fromt he other side of the room a woman of 20 enters,her dark purple gown sweeping along the floor as she seemingly glides over to come at a rest infront of you."Oh... Hello... Would you like a drink? Something to eat? No? Good choice. Never know if it is laced with poison...."

You tell her about what the curtains moving and she looked over,smiling, a small wooden puppet peeking out from behind the curtain."That's only Morgan. Dont worry,he wont harm you. He is far to shy for matters of the violent kind.."

You get a chill up your spine as she sits down at the table,offerign you the seat across from her,her smile far to sweet to be normal and her eyes an un-natural purple.You ask who she is and she simply giggles."So..your wondering who I am then..Hm? I suppose it wouldnt hurt to tell you. My name is Sinsatia,Sin for short if you would rather prefer."

Sin seems to be an awfully strange name for a young woman,but her image seems to fit it just fine,making you wonder what kind of a world you have stepped into.Her head tilts slightly to the right in a constant habit you notice,and it only goes to prove how wierd this room is. A florecent blue butterlfly perches on the knob to one of the chairs and she looked over,smiling."Well now,you must go. My Master will be home any moment,and he dont take well to strangers in this room. Good-bye! Safe trip!"

You stand as she heads back to the balcony she came from,her humming heard over the sound of steps on the only way out of the room,a tugging calls your attention and when you look down you see the puppet pointing to a window by the bed where it has thrown a rope down for your excape. You grab the top of it,staring down with a gulp at the dark abyss below you and close your eyes as you start your journey to the ground.



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The Gothic Origami Birdy's Journal

Inside are the ramblings of a gothic origami bird,she welcomes you to the darkest part of her mind and the deepest parts of her heart... She welcomes you to the tales she weaves and to the dreams she sees... If you venture inside beware of the ridd


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IIx-Undertaker-xII Report | 10/31/2011 6:46 am
happy halloween sin,and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :3 hope today shall be a great one!
Crescendo Skies Report | 05/22/2011 5:18 pm
Chibi <3

That's good then. I'm pleased you'll be taking it easy. I'm good. Went home to see the family for the weekend which was good fun and currently relaxing now. Gonna do the rest of my RP replies tomorrow smile How about you?
Crescendo Skies Report | 05/18/2011 7:08 pm

I'm glad you had good fun but look after yourself since we don't want your cold getting anyworse. Glad you had fun though <3
Crescendo Skies Report | 05/13/2011 9:37 pm

Glad she messaged you too. That's awesome news though that you're able to go camping. Bet you'll have an amazing time biggrin

Crescendo Skies Report | 05/13/2011 5:39 am
Hey Chibi,

Well it turns out she has a mild case of the flu but she messaged me yesterday so I think she's feeling better. That's awesome news about your sister :3 ~ It's okay. I understand that you're busy with everything so I'm patient enough about it all :3 ~

Crescendo Skies Report | 05/05/2011 4:35 pm
Hey Chibi,

So glad you're out the hospital now. *hugs* It's cool that you celebrated him and it's a sweet thing to do <3

She's not been on about the same length of time as you. I'm worried about her although it could just be her PC again or something like that so she doesn't have much access to it.

Crescendo Skies Report | 05/02/2011 12:36 pm
Hey Chibi heart

Glad to know you're feeling better now. Missed you and was worried about you. Sorry to hear about your friend sad *hugs*
Crescendo Skies Report | 04/19/2011 3:28 pm
Chibiiiii heart

Glad you were able to come home. That's gotta be a sign that your health is improving hopefully <3 That's awesome that you found cats living under your trailer. And that's an awesome name for one too. You will never have to be alone again sweetie. You have friends now who care for you greatly. Hope when you go back in Easter they finally find out what's wrong. heart

Crescendo Skies Report | 04/18/2011 5:28 am
Chiiiibiiii heart

I'm glad you've let her know yourself how you're doing as she kept asking me and I wasn't sure how much you wanted her to know. I let her know that you were ill but not much more then that. I'm sure she'll get online soon as she won't want to leave the roleplay too long smile I know what you mean by amusing though so don't worry about explaining it biggrin And I don't think anyone's ever truly alone although it might feel it. You won't be alone again sweetie heart

Crescendo Skies Report | 04/17/2011 9:52 am
Chibiiiii-chan heart

I'm glad you're happy with who you are as if someone isn't happy with who they are then they're obviously not living life to the full. Your flaws and strengths make you the person you are and I wouldn't want you to change who you are. And everyone does deserve to be cared for and hopefully by more then one person. And of course I care for you; you're my friend! And you'd be surprised who else cares for you. I know Ikki is continually worried about you so maybe give her a quick message giving her an update on your status.

I bet she is because she's being crafted from the heart by you. You have such an amazingly huge heart that anything created from its depths will be amazing. I hope I do get to see her as I'm sure she'll turn out great. Backgrounds and personalities are the easiest bit when creating a character for me but I always struggle with the naming for some reason. I think it's because I think about it too long and try to pick a name which completely fits the personality.

I'm glad you feel better talking to me. <3



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