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Hey, Names Glanzer. I play a variety of games online. Right now I chill in Gaia, earn some real time cash with Exodus, and play Secret of the Solstice, and ROSE online. I love meeting new people whether it be through Facebook, Gaia, online games, or in person. I'm a social butterfly and can never get enough of people. I listen to every type of music, being a musician I appreciate any type of music, I find something I like in it and focus on that. I'm the lead singer of my band, Leadfoot, and I also play guitar and sing some of my own songs solo. I watch a lot of movies and have never really seen one I didn't like in some way. I read a little bit but not a lot, and again I've never read a book that I didn't enjoy. I'm extremely religious, and I have a lot of knowledge in most religious ways. My father is a pastor so I've been exposed to it my whole life. The Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) is the only way to heaven, NO exceptions. I like anything on T.V. that makes me laugh, and catch myself enthralled in an infomercial selling kitchen appliances every now and again razz I take hard classes in school and have homework but I handle it well, I'm kinda a genius. If nothing else I'm at least one interesting send me a message. I play basketball but love to play other sports with friends just for fun, I like hanging out with random people and doing random stuff, the number one thing I love to do is go see my girlfriend, who is my everything and so much more. I love that girl. smile

And O yeah...I'm really confident (confuse that with arrogance if you would like) so I'm pretty much the coolest person you will ever meet. It would be to your benefit to get to know me smile


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mmmmmtoast Report | 09/05/2008 9:51 pm
Boring and sucky, but its kinda supposed to...

Atleast i got one of my favorite electives.
mmmmmtoast Report | 08/25/2008 10:02 pm
You probably had the same school schedule as me...
But my school had to get rid of a week of spring break, but they added a week of summer xD
mmmmmtoast Report | 08/25/2008 6:03 pm
Oh ok...
I dont even have school yet... about 2 more days though D:
mmmmmtoast Report | 08/23/2008 12:17 pm
No. xD
mmmmmtoast Report | 08/22/2008 11:40 pm
And to make it even more complicated, You dont just add words to others to make them the couple of words, they are different words for certain sentences and everything.

I think im gonna finish learning it in like a million years D:
FrznTamponEater Report | 08/22/2008 1:04 pm
mmmmmtoast Report | 08/21/2008 11:23 pm
Dude thats awesome.

Yeah i found a word translator, one word in Nahuatl is usually like 3 or 4 words in english, its really hard... sweatdrop
mmmmmtoast Report | 08/21/2008 4:41 pm
Thats part of why i want to learn Nahuatl... xD
mmmmmtoast Report | 08/21/2008 3:02 pm

That would seem insanely hilarious xD
mmmmmtoast Report | 08/21/2008 2:56 pm
Yeah Nahuatl, there are people who speak it? i assumed it was almost completely dead.

I like japanese, it sounds wierd to me when someone speaks it really really fast xD


In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti


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I'm not egotistical...I just love how awesome I am.

I'm not arrogant...I'm just not ignorant.