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Gender: Male

Birthday: 09/22/1992


I'm Paolo, 19, too old for yah people I think XD Lets talk if you wanna know things bout me, I always check on me friends and comment to greet their fair evenings. If I am a bit ignored for a long time, I have no choice but clean up some space, but any who, be friend me. Also accepting random adds, gonna talk to those random adds though smile ) I don't like the reason for donation **** subjects, I'm already havin a hard time earning my share of gold razz Me a very good BUMPER! XDDDD

>Lets Talk

>I'm crazy, you've been warned smile

>Turtle, Coconuts, Undies, Steam, Mouse, Aurora Borealis, Pillow, Meteor, Candy,
Technology, Music, Lady Gaga, Life, Death, Mushrooms, Pen, Knob, Aglet, Potatoes smile ) (Random thingies in my Mind right now)

>FUN FUN FUN FUN!!! Rebecca VS Justin! Let's get it on >:B