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Heyyo! I'm Van, nice to meet ya and thanks for stopping by!

I recently returned home after a few years of trying to find myself in the wake of failing out of college. What I learned from my interactions with people is not to misplace trust because not everyone deserves it no matter how kind I want to be. Music is still pretty much the only thing that keeps me sane nowadays; that and playing video games to keep my mind off of things. No matter what I'm doing though, I attempt to maintain a positive outlook and just try to enjoy the fact that I'm still alive. I realized that starting a life on my own made me lose myself and all of the experiences I had in Tucson shaped me back into who I always was(lame philosophy, I know) sweatdrop Probably nobody will look at this so I'm basically just writing for myself hahaha pure insanity, but I need an outlet for my thoughts. Everyday, even when I attempt to keep a lid on my innermost thoughts/feelings, I am flooded with memories that are either positive or negative yet still manage to elicit the same amount of emotional response. The decisions I made were for myself to be happy so I have no regrets, but I know now that I should've done some things a little differently.
I love the Universe and this planet. Whatever you put into them will be returned to you, but be careful because that counts for negative stuff too! wink The existence of other dimensions and parallel universes is real, most people just don't have the ability to see past the illusion of our given reality. Everything is made up of energy that can be seen with focus and even used to benefit us if it is with the right intent. You can literally shape your own reality with enough effort and even the use of metaphysics! I've had great mentors as well as spirits instill this knowledge in me over the past year and am open to talk about it to anyone who has read this far that is interested.. mrgreen


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Xx-Dark-Dalton-xX Report | 10/08/2012 7:28 pm
Having fun in college bro??? :cheese lol cheese:
Jade Julius Report | 06/01/2012 12:06 pm
Jade Julius
Nice cloud profile, and thanks for your purchase dude!
hazle eyes 427 Report | 05/29/2012 9:36 am
hazle eyes 427
aw thx!!!! you too ^^
calisto91 Report | 05/17/2012 1:53 pm
cool. 3nodding
calisto91 Report | 05/13/2012 9:58 pm
hi hi. yes it has been a while. i just started to come back on gaia. it is good to hear from you. how are things going for you?
Bad Pina Report | 01/31/2012 4:13 pm
Bad Pina

Thank you for buying Yuki Otoko c:
Enjoi ~
cabeza3 Report | 06/30/2010 10:10 pm
hey man wats up long time no talk
Xx-justicar-sanguinuis-xX Report | 04/20/2010 7:06 pm
ew navy rotc. I couldn't saying anything better for the air force rotc. but what ever.
Kyoii Kitty Report | 03/28/2010 10:11 pm
Kyoii Kitty
I've been good, you?
Xx-justicar-sanguinuis-xX Report | 03/27/2010 5:56 pm
yea yea you jeolus? lol. You like a Beastly sucka punk



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