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Lovely avimation done by Solstice Catcher. <3

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Two versions of my precious Black Butler OC Harriet as a gem thief, drawn by the awesome Leader Mizuki!

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the awesome vsagi drew a kawayy!!

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headpat by Leader Mizuki!

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another avi artsu by the same ho Leader Mizuki!

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Birthday: 09/03


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female | asian | 20+ of age | JJBA trash

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I wish I knew how to create original avatars again instead of constantly cosplaying, lmfao.

Anyhow... Welcome to the profile of the legendary procrastinator extraordinaire.

I do rps, but most of the time I tend to play as males.

Sometimes when I am extremely stressed out, I tend to create random af avatars. They make me chuckle.

Current obsession is the Fate series and Fate Grand Order. Kintoki and Cu are both great husbandos. However my love is wavering over to Waver Velvet. hrrf. *cringing at the bad pun*

I own two ungrateful red-eared slider turtles who wishes death upon me everyday. (One is named Master Oogway and the other one is Whopper Jr.)

I also obsess over deer.

I like chill af music, awesome people like Nujabes inspires me. On the very end of the other spectrum, I enjoy macabre type music too such as the dark cabaret genre. Something about the lyrics really attracts me to this sort of music.

Also likes jazz and various upbeat chiptune music.

Huge fan of certain vocaloid music producers such as Kikuo and Sasakure.UK, check them out if you haven't, both are great.

These few awesome anime will always remain my favourite such as Space Dandy (where I got my username), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (am gay for Diego Brando), and Love Live!

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I also like Black Butler. Sebastian Michaelis still holds a p special place in me kokoro.

I have terrible eyesight, and I do have lazy eye.

Also yes, I consider eyepatch a fashion accessory.

I draw crap. /on hiatus however/

I like coffee, but it is terribly unfortunate that I am allergic to coffee.

Am probably a bit too overly addicted to coffee.

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However getting sick from coffee is worth it because I still like coffee.

I can't English well, but I am learning.

Final Fantasy X and X-2 is my childhood.

I give free stuff away sometimes, but I ignore beggars.


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nekika Report | 05/10/2019 3:49 am
I mean you can't possibility say NO to those escorts
imagine a hot guy with a dentistry PHD with skills of a musician, a baker, a masseur and a yoga instructor emotion_drool
maybe I'll just send you one emotion_dowant you can chain him to a chair and make him a waifu forever
nekika Report | 05/10/2019 12:30 am
yeahh THAT and no one would wanna make u do s**t knowing you'd screw up bc you retarded
I'm ok as long as the 14 guys can make up for the 15th by being ridiculously talented and gorgeous and charming emotion_dowant
I remember my pal from here needed ref to draw hot men so she stumbled upon a male escort site and decided to share with me
I was amazed, suddenly my standard went sky high and we both made a pact if we're still virgins and single at 40 we'll hire some on an escape to some tropical island
nekika Report | 05/06/2019 10:33 pm
let's hope it's just the heart that's synthetic like I hope I don't up retarded with half a brain and just one kidney as well
I'm gna cry so hard I'll sound like a dying whale
nah don't need to pay I plan to be a rich old fart pimpin with atleast 15 guys from different subcontinents
I'm not accepting any less in life than that emotion_donotwant
nekika Report | 05/05/2019 5:24 am
no worries imma leave no evidence behind emotion_dowant
ofc I'll be there even if I'm an old fart with synthetic heart in a futuristic wheelchair
nekika Report | 05/03/2019 1:26 pm
before leaving I gave my fellow colleague some fuel so she can burn the place down
meaning some vital weaknesses she can exploit from the company OFC IT WOULDN'T BE REAL FUEL if it went it flames it would be amazing tho tbh
s**t u a terrible friend
terrible terrible
be sure to invite them to your funeral atleast HEY ATLEAST Y'ALL CAN CATCH UP THEN HUEHUE
nekika Report | 05/02/2019 2:34 am
yeah imagine a petty af immature bitchass boss
now if only I could tell this to her in her face emo
now they won't leave me alone gonk
nekika Report | 04/29/2019 10:32 pm
steal the office toilet paper roll or something
on my last day we cut cake and s**t knowing the douche won't show up that day it was great
the next day I showed up and disappeared before she'd come so she got so pissed they deducted my pay for that day rofl
I remember as a kid I used to try and skip naptime but now I'm like OHSWEETCHEESUS DON'T WAKE ME EVER
nekika Report | 04/29/2019 9:21 am
That's a r00d boss wtf
Sometimes when they treat you like s**t you kinda zone out and really I'm talking really wanna just tell them in the face WHY DON'T U JUST SUCK A DI- no pls I need the money
I worked for my last one for a year and a month till I finally flipped xD
I did quit respectfully with a month's notice and all but sometimes I do regret not letting it out on my a*****e ex-boss
Adulthood sucks man maybe I wasn't ready for this can I climb back into my mom's belly and quit for sometime
nekika Report | 04/19/2019 11:48 pm
I can't remember when I even had skype LOL
I was so s m o l
I am still a proud employed hobo though
this is my 5th company in 2 years gonk
nekika Report | 04/16/2019 3:11 am
I moved to disc because of my frens that moved to skype
idk how long has it been since I had it but I still noob af wen it comes to using it wtf #oldhag
I noticed last time I spoke to you, we were both equally unemployed hobos :v
Leader Mizuki