Some stuff about me

Real name: Ash
age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Personality: I hope I have one, but people say I'm negative does that count?
Random stuff: A little spacey, hate school, not at all good at talking to people at times. often on the run. Always drawing and never never going to tell you what I might do next. You probably already got an idea.

Views: What ever you do who ever you are. I'm not going to judge till you talk to me. People are easy to read, by the way the talk to you. I don't care who your are, what your are, as long as we can respect each other, I don't care what you do.

The world: It's scary and creepy and sometimes people go to far and are close to destroying it.

Stuff I like for right now



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Gender: Female

Location: where people dare to tread^^

Birthday: 07/13/1992

Occupation: artist

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Something that sometimes shows up

"Be yourself don't take anyone's s**t and never let anyone take you alive." -Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)
"Nothing is true; Everything is permitted." -Chaos Magick
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