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Name: You can call me whatever you like, just don't call me late for dinner! Omg, I'm super lame. No but I have tons of aliases. Panda, Pandora, Andromeda, Marshmellows. But my real name is ugly, so just call me one of those!
Age: 21
Status: Engaged to various animated characters
Hobbies and interests: I love to write, read, draw, watch movies, play video games, go to anime conventions, dress up, hang with my sister and friends, and I also love to pole dance!
Favorite Bands: Skrillex, Innerpartysystem, Hollywood Undead, Green Day,The Bloodhound Gang, Angels and Airwaves, Cobra Starship, Owl City. Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Blink 182, Mayday Parade, Mariana's Trench, Krewella, Rameses B.
Favorite Video Games: KINGDOM HEARTS! It's my favorite. I adore anything and everything to do with KH. I also like a lot of Final Fantasy games. All the Bioshock games. Farcry 3, Skies of Arcadia, Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Symphonia, Luigi's Mansion...And many more. I have over 80 video games so far. :]
Wanna know more about me? Sure ya do!;
Well hello there! Seems you are interested in me! That's totally okay, cause I'm a creep a lot of the time too. I'm totally kidding. But anyways! There's not much to tell. I'm just a fun, weird, awkward girl who is living life to the fullest! I hope we can be friends since you've made it this far down my profile. Please don't be afraid to send me a message or anything! Friendship is always welcome! Perhaps we can talk more later!

Bad Orange
Free Marshmellows

I'm such a dork.

I'm not a dork at all! :D