Okay well Im Michelle, But somepeople call mee Elle(:
People come and go and they can do as they please. I have my own thoughts and my own life. I can take the truth but the thing I cant take it a lie, be straight and Ill respect you.
I love to stay up and watch movies then cry bkus I have no popcorn.
I Love to be the person that you talk about on your profile or run up to in the middle of the day and scream at people that get in your way.
I love corny jokes, thoughts, sweet thing to say, and messages(:
I love inside jokes that make no sence at all! (:
I hate it when people get mad at me for some dumb reasom then two days latter expect to be there best friend again...not ganna happen...Haha(:
I hate being ignored bkus then I just wont talk to you.
I hate it when people cant make up there mind, its a yes or a no..Not that hard.
I forgive but never forget, I love my friends but never truly hate people, I've never been truly in love I dont know how it feels or truthfully I dont realy no wht love is..
Mkayy(: byee