Me. [:

Name: is just a title...

Birth date: February 20

Age: is just a number....

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Religion: Wicca or Wiccan

Birth Stone: Amethyst

Relationship Status: single...

Place currently residing in: a house

Languages That I Can Speak: French, English, some Spanish and Italian, and Sarcasm... : D

Background Heritages: mainly Irish and Italian..... : | ....there's more but it's too many....

Things i love to do: take pictures of Nature, being outside in the rain, working on my book, watching the sun set, being with the people i love, being on gaia...

Things i hate: sight of blood, medicine, being sick, being away from the people i love, freezing cold, thunder storms, being corrected on something i know is right, being called something I'm not....

Wishes that i want granted: want to go to Paris France, want to get out of high school, want to be happy and not deal with any annoying people, i think that's it....


Love as though you've never been hurt before. <3

I wanna be that girl that he points to when he sees me and says, "that's my girl." <3

He filled that hole in my heart and he doesn't even know <3

SMILE![: Your beautiful

Close your eyes, imagine your about to be in a head on car accident. who do you see in your passenger seat? You just met your true love. :]

You had me with your nickname for me <3

Life isn't measured by the amount of breaths we take, it's the moment that take our breaths away <3

"Butterflies in your stomach. Such a crappy metaphor. More like killer bees." <3 -Beautiful Creatures

I'm glad you smashed my heart, It made me realize something new. Something better. <3

Live Laugh Love

All i know about Life is i wanna end up happy <3

Music Life = Happiness <3