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We Are All Torches... Waiting To Be Extinguished

"A heartbeat that lasts for eternity.
Lives consumed in soundless balls of fire.
No one can tell when the world is displaced.
And the flames of the Crimson World sweep over all..."

-Opening to Shakugan no Shana


Our lives are finite, yet we take it for granted. We live our existence not knowing that one day we will some day disappear from this world. And regret that we didn't make a difference when we are gone.

Whether we believe it or not, we are all sinners. We hurt others and hurt ourselves in the process. We will all eventually burn in the Crimson World for the crimes we committed... both big and small.

Before I disappear, I intend to leave a mark on this world. I will spread my ashes... No, my memories and the knowledge that I've learned over the years to those that are close to me and those who I made an impact to their lives.

Time continues to move forward and the light within us continues to dim. But remember...

We are all torches... waiting to be extinguished by the winds of fate.

-These are the words of Flame Haze Hiro

JOINT by Mami Kawada (Opening to Shana 2nd Season)

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kittyangeluchiha Report | 06/23/2012 5:28 pm
hello there
Maaiwile Report | 06/04/2012 7:54 pm
boldie64 Report | 09/15/2011 4:07 am
Wow... What a beautiful saying you have on your profile. I wholeheartedly agree with you.There should be something that we can all leave someone from this earth with. Whether it was teaching somebody or expressing something from our hearts. God bless you....
Akuma no Zenku Report | 04/27/2011 7:02 am
cool avi
Miss Makayla Michelle Report | 04/24/2011 1:46 pm
aww thank you for selling it! <3
Sokumi Report | 04/17/2011 9:08 pm
your welcome 4laugh thank you for selling :]
Exotsia Report | 04/17/2011 12:58 am
just so you know, i sent you an email in reply.
Exotsia Report | 04/16/2011 11:10 am
hehe i didn't break up with him sad he left. hahahaha! okay, an email will do then. i'm not using windows anymore, so i totally have no idea how the new layout looks like, and also, i heard the emoticons are weird. that is all. i'm a tad bit happier today. it's 17th and it's my day today smile i'm 18! and he was the first to call me. and we talked for an hour plus about things. and it felt really nice but when it ended it felt awful cause it'll probably awhile till i get to talk to him again. but other than that i had a wonderful day out on the 16th. so it's better? by a lil bit? haha. sad things are complicated. will tell you the whole story via email yes? smile ahhaha! wow. i'll be checking up on my mail every day then biggrin
Exotsia Report | 04/14/2011 9:46 pm
i'm okay with msn. i don't know sad i hate feeling so alone though, even with my friends around me. it's just so different.
Exotsia Report | 04/13/2011 9:26 am
I guess. But right now I'm distancing myself from everyone else. I don't feel like talking to anyone. I feel pressured when people ask me how i'm doing and all. And i can't lie anymore, i don't want to lie about how i feel so yeah. Because if i tell them (my friends) that i'm not okay, they'll probably be bombarding questions and go like, WHAT? why? HIM again? it's time to forget about him and all. And i don't want to hear it from anyone anymore. I know i'm supposed to move on and I know i'm supposed to forget and believe me, i'm trying, very very hard to do so to the point that it actually hurts. If i go any further I'll probably need to go see a therapist or something. I'm tired of putting on a fake smile for my friends everyday, I'm tired of pretending that I'm happy when i'm obviously not deep down. So i decided to distant myself from everything, messages, phone calls, twitter, facebook, msn, skype. everything. Well maybe you can add me on skype smile just search for jenolixx. and you can leave me offline skype messages if msn's too troublesome.