THINGS I HAVE UNDYING LOVE FOR: loud rock music, dark colors, my iPod, scootering, fantasy books, old black and white movies, the dark, the woods,

THINGS THAT ANNOY ME TO NO END: my brother, rap and hip/hop music, REALLY peppy people, pink, silence, school, home work, my english teacher

THINGS I PLAN TO DO: finish my novel, travel around the world, and live my life

I'm a writer who loves music and cannot write with out it. My life is all about words in any form. Music, books, things I've written. EVERYTHING! I'm a story teller at heart with a passion and skill at science. I AM A NERD AND PROUD OF IT!!! I love black clothing and baggy pants. Many people would say I'm emo or goth. But I'm not. I'm just me.

This is my ultimate dream avi that i will probably never reach.

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Total (Impossible) Value: 4,536,592 Gold

~Fremere's Guard 2nd Gen
~Jinxi's Charm 2nd Gen
~Infernal Spirit 6th Gen
~Gogh Reed 8th Gen
~Gogh Reed 9th Gen x2
~Gogh Reed 11th Gen
~Silent Night
~Lovely Genie Double Gold Earrings
~Scar of the Hero


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Orange Alpacuhh

Report | 09/28/2009 4:22 pm

Orange Alpacuhh


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          Hey guys,
          i'm having a little halloween avi contest in my thread
          feel free to enter and possibly win c:

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I never even think of stalkers on Gaia.. I've met one person on Gaia who lived in the same country as me, but still about 500km away. razz
I live in Northern Europe. You can't track me either. xp

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Yeah.. Or well, it was only that Stephen(Oh no, I said his name again!) guy who freaked out a little too much..
Sorry for the late reply.. Was eating dinner when you wrote.
Where're you from anyway?

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You seem like much less of an a*****e than the rest of the people I've spoken to today, so I thought I'd just say hi..

Report | 03/07/2009 1:11 am


yohw hi again
F l2 I  3 N D

Report | 03/01/2009 6:38 pm

F l2 I 3 N D


u did everything xD

well i feedback your avatar ...

so u can look at it now..


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goth girl51

Report | 12/10/2008 8:18 pm

goth girl51

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There's a body in the window seat!