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Don't you just love the rain?
As it washes away the pain
But stop!
Retreat in vain!
The rain merely soaks in deeper the pain
Oh.. I see it's too late
You've already lost your fate
You're nothing,
but an empty shell
Forever alone,
stuck on this Earthly Hell.


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Poetry makes the world go around! <3



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Basically lol
Our new normal gonk

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Its ok. I first logged on, registering an account and making an avi in 2008. I was 17 then. I stayed online until age 23, that was 2014. Then I logged off and never logged back on again, forgetting I had one, but then I started having nostalgia for my childhood, remembered how much I loved this website, so I logged back on, I was already 28 then, it was 2019, and then I had a birthday in april, I turned 29, it was 2020. I never logged off ever again. I graduated high school in 2009, graduated college in 2015, got a cinema studies degree, but it was an associates. I had so much to write in my bio so I updated my gaai profile.
Im 29 years old, turning 30 in 2021.
I lost my job too, in may 2019, I worked there for 11 years.
I have been unemployed and not working since.
I dont have corona, thank g-d, but I am quarantining too.
I struggle with adhd, aniexty, depression, stress, and insomnia.
I have been writing since age 6, mostly stories. I started writing poetry at age 12, middle school. I was on the newspaper, Gladiator Gazette, and every week I will publish a new poem for the poetry section of the newspaper. High school I was on newspaper, High Times. college i was on newspaper, Bergen Torch, and I published myself in the college literary magazine, The Labyrinth, for three issues- 2013, 2014, 2015. I graduated in 2015. I still kept all of my poems and their drafts. On Facebook, there's a Notes Section and that's where most of my poems are, or on websites, I can give you them in PM if you want. There's allpoetry.com, poems-and-quotes.com, and I am trying to get myself to use tumblr. I used to use MySpace, back when the website was different. I then published during quaratine with my friend's literary magazine, Turn Left at Main Street and Other Surreal Stories, his name is Bryan Oliver and you can find and buy this book, paperback to own and be delivered to your home, on Lulu.com. I can give you most of everything in PM. On my laptop, I use microsoft word, and I have a documents folder with all my poems, all 108 of them, and they are saved there. I also have been publishing with Gaiaonline.com for their Poetry contest and you win 750 Gcash. But I do it for the publishing and saving it as PDF file. I was published with Gaiaonline.com like 6 or 7 times, its the Gaia News Weekly.
Yes, I still want to become a secreenwriter. But I only have been in community college where I got and received my associate's degree. I never continued to 4 year university for bachelor's.
But I have bought books on the topic, so I can teach myself on how to write a script for TV, podcast, graphic novel, broadway show play/musical, comic book, improve my poetry writing skills, novel or story or short story skills, or movie- script writing /screenwriting, or article for a newspaper-- this is my ultimate goal- to master all the writing skills for all formats. To see how far my writing skills can go.
I mostly want to aim to self-publish my own poems - 108- into one book with all of them in it. Publish a story I am writing, short story to my friend for halloween its a scary one and my own story, which will be hopefully a novel series for kids/teens/young adults, YA is the correct label. And then one day a script for either tv or movie (full length film script), or write a review/critic for an article, a news article like magazine or something. so far, I have only been in literary magazines and newspapers for middle school, high school, college.
Thats all I can think of, for right now.

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Adult life eh?
Not much going on, I went back to work back in June. But who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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Hows le fishing?

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I remember you from fishing! ^.^
How you been?
And btw are you a writer and/or poet?
Did you write the poem that's in your about me/bio/profile yourself? about the rain?
or is it taken from a song or lyrics?

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Okay I lied. I just remembered you were the guy who also likes to almost die in rainforests!! So pretty interesting x)

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Hey hun!!!!
I totally should be sleeping but I am leaving strangers comments on some weird website! So what is crack a lack in' over there across the ocean? Have you done anything interesting lately?
...wait do you do interesting things? I can't remember. Maybe you are like Mai and boring all the time because the only thing I know about you are you like cheese and the color green! But at least green is interesting! x) Oh wait I think you liked boats or something too? Well I saw you were on the front page of fishing! Like I guess you are famous now so it does not matter if you are interesting really, you going to be pulling all the bitches now!
Stay healthy!!!!

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HEY! Mr. Green!
-Amber Moondale-

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-Amber Moondale-

]No worries. It's way back yeaaaaars ago. sweatdrop


[center:8c3a4f90ab]~<3[/color:8c3a4f90ab] Finne[/color:8c3a4f90ab][/center:8c3a4f90ab]