This is my profile, my opinions.
The world is ugly.People think they are beautiful in some way. But I think they are all ugly. Inside dominates out. People hate people for no reason. People judge. Just because of something you like, you're insulted. People read about other people's ways.Their problems.Just to feel better about themselves.Just because people do things you don't do.Doesnt mean it's wrong.People mistreat people.I know the definition of evil.Evil is People.Because everyone is evil in someone.Everyone hates.People don't care.People say what they want about whoever.And just don't care.People get to told how to react to situations.People get brainwashed.People think if you don't like the stuff they like,You aren't 'cool'.But, do you really know the definition of 'cool'?Cool, someone who actually has indiviualism.Someone who doesn't 'follow'.And me,I don't not follow.People are followers.Not leaders.And you should be the leader of your life.Not a follower. [