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Name: Vinyl
Likes: Pizza, Music, Games, Angel, Luna, Dancing, Nice Girls.
Dont like: Haterz an men
Owner: Angel Blueblood
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wahmbulance Warning you are Entering wahmbulance

wahmbulance The Den of a Girl. Like you never wahmbulance

wahmbulance met befor wahmbulance

My Gaia Store !
Add Me ! | My Steam !

I Do Have Skype if you wish to add me Pm me and i will give you my Skype name!

Taken By Fearless lesbian

╚══`.¸.Fearless lesbian

My dream car a 1965 Shelby Cobra Roadster
Black W/ Red Stripes
W/ 351 Windsor V8 that dynos at 375 horsepower TKO 5-speed gearbox
Now about that stereo: A AM/FM/CD head unit in the dash augmented by an 1100-watt amplifier

My Real life Name: Angel
My Fav Colors: Pink, Purple, Blue, Red, Green

Born in Italy Live in Canada Why Because i had no choice
Plain to move to Swedan

My Nicknames: Jesica, Ms. Rabbit, babs, tiger, game, wolf pritty much call me by those or think of your own nick name for me just alway's looking for new ones just nothing like babe or stuff that only My Wife is alowed to call me. Thank you for respecting that.

I Am A Compleat Nerd Hardcore I MEAN HARDCORE Gamer Girl

I Am a Compleat Music Junky and one day hopefully want to open a Radio Station Where i can play the best of the music that i think is timeless and amazing!

Now you Have been warrned Keep Scrolling if you want

In love with dancing, my wife Luna and anything cute or fuzzy or Ponies unicorns zombies.

Fear's. Thunder, being alone, being judged for being who i am, people hate me, darkness, that youtube video cows an cows an cows, finding my love an them leaveing me. luna don't leave me i love you heart

I love Talking So don't be shy i wont eat you no matter how yummy you look Just pm me or anything i love talking.
That being said if you send me something and i don't respond i'm not ignoring you i probably passed out at my keyboard So PM ME ! DO IT NOW GET TO KNOW ME ! =3


That Face Is a Walagator Something i made up when i was like 7 or 8 And that if you talk to me, you will see a lot i promise that much

I'm Not Crazy this is why a crazy person don't know there crazy but i know i'm crazy see logic he he heart

If Your: Ever upset, sad or need someone to talk to just pm me i'm always on unless i pass out in witch case i will get back to you as soon as i can That is my promise i make to everyone
Also i do have Insomnia So i'm up a lot don't be shy to try to talk to me i am very friendly even when i'm having a bad day or a lot of stress i will always be there for other's that is something i have never been able to not keep myself from being a person who care's about you even if i don't know you that well i love getting to know people ^.^
Forgot to say if there anything anything at all you wanna talk about i Never Judge because chance's are i have done it too so can and never have a place to judge what is wrongs or right Now some thing's may be bad for you and i more then likely will say that but the reason i would because like i said i have more then likely done it too So.
Dark Side. //her eye shin's a dark shin for a sec

If you ever think i don't understand how hard it is out there Trust me i really do know how hard life is at times and that you may snap from all the stress but it is always darkest be for the dawn and it will get better no matter how much it don't look like it will.


Also i Have OCD, Insomnia An slightly Clostrfobic. My Profile is only 15% done Sorry :3


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anna of green acres Report | 01/01/2018 1:58 pm
anna of green acres
Happy New Year!
dee dee little Report | 10/14/2015 5:54 am
dee dee little
Happy Birthday!
WonsiksStarlight Report | 10/15/2014 2:55 pm
Sorry I'm a little late, I wasn't on a few days ago. lol
I hope you had a wonderful day!
gaia_angelleft gaia_kittenstar gaia_angelright
dee dee little Report | 10/13/2014 4:03 pm
dee dee little
Happy Birthday!
anna of green acres Report | 10/13/2014 3:49 pm
anna of green acres
Happy Bithday!
Haniimiruku Report | 07/02/2014 11:06 pm
Fearless lesbian Report | 01/19/2014 1:16 am
Fearless lesbian
pfft she abandoned me she deleted herself off my ps3 freindlist to her love wasnt real our she wouldnt of done that she left without saying a word to
LaX-Bittersweet_Soul Report | 12/27/2013 5:27 am
Hello, I love your profile! And you and I share many things. Love your personality you show through your words smile
Super Saiyan 3 Mikuo Report | 12/16/2013 2:28 pm
Super Saiyan 3 Mikuo
dee dee little Report | 12/04/2013 6:10 pm
dee dee little
HI! Love your hangout.

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