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Quick memo: I'm a Yaoi fan; if you like the following, we'll get along just fine XD

Name: Marie-Ange (I'm not french, only 15%)
Age: Fourteen in a few weeks
About me: I'm a weird Anime fanatic, I obsess over my writing, my drawing, Japanese music, Greek, and, of course, my new favorite, the Percy Jackson series xD
My dream: To BE a writer. I'm writing this super-fantasy type novel about a Demon Lord, it's super fun to write. Plus the spells and the Demon's language is to-die-for fun to write. It's like a mix of Greek, Japanese, and Latin, I guess. It's called Cries of a Blood Demon, the first book in the Chronicles of the Demoniacs. Plus, for everyone in my arena that cheer me on, you guys all rock. I bet if it wasn't for all of you who had demanded something new I would've never started writing my book.
Everything in my arena is COPYWRITE people =) (C)
My favorite Anime's are easy xD D.Gray-Man takes the gold, and Allen Walker ~Destroyer of Time~ takes first place. I mean, why the heck not?! (MINE!) >=D Roxas, Sora and Axel from Kingdom Hearts are second PAWS OFF DAMNIT! Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Yami&Yugi&Atemu is my third fave =3 They're... I have no word to describe them xD. Fourth is Anima's Husky, the half-fish tempermental kid xD He's wicked cool. Fifth is Prince from 1/2 Prince (That Transvestite is hilarious! XD) sixth... is Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist xD, seventh... is Haseo, from .Hack//G.U. ... eighth... is Ryu from Utsurowazarumono - Breath of Fire... and I don't think I'll have much room left, so I'll just write the names: Oz, Tsuna, Laharl, Keita & Maki, Syaoran, Natsu, Shugo, Daisuke, Lina, Mahiru, Amu, Luna, and Miu, all in that order, all from various Anime's xD. The rest of the Anime characters you can think of are all yours, just don't try and say that they're yours. I'll go all Fangirl Otaku on you (If I like that character) *Hiss*

With a happy smile and a few cookies down her throat, reading and D.Gray-Man, and listening to Roxas' Theme,
~Fayne Darkness =3


Yugi: Ready or not Spirit! This is where you take over.
Yami: Hey, Yugi! I'm not - you can't - this isn't a duel!
Yu-Gi-Oh! FTW >//w<
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