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my music

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Katie's Random Part 1

Its My Song :3

Alice Human Sacrifice - VOCALOID

Draw With Me

World is Mine - another side - TamakixHaruhi

Thoughtless - Korn

Fear Garden - Rin Kagamine VOCALOID

the things I wish I had


About Me

well, im not really sure what to write in here...but i guess its a good idea to give you my name, right? im lydia, nice of you to drop by and see my profile ^^
is there someone special to me? sorry, but thats a secret wink
where am i from? i'll give you a hint: GO PACKERS!!! WOOT!!!!!
am i smart? 2 plus 2 equals 20973098720978.5 blaugh
do i like music? NO!!! DONT TAKE MY MP3 PLAYER AWAY IM BEGGING YOU!!!! gonk
do i have a criminal record? you cant prove anything! ANYTHING!! mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! YOU'LL NEVER GET ME ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!...*ahem* i mean no ninja
am i insane? my invisible friend Bob and i are gonna go eat some flying tacos. wanna come? bob and i are riding on the giant purple people eater but you can take the unicorn(his name is steve) 3nodding
do i use sarcasm? no how could i possibly ever use sarcasm?
do i have a short attention span? no of course...hey...whats that shiny thing over there? *walks away*
am i random? well i need to get some homework done so bananas are yummy especially after having this seat is lumpy
how old am i? 7683944760392056834736456563 and a half biggrin


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Hiroki_Sakurai Report | 04/10/2011 8:14 pm
....i miss you....haruhi... >.>
Hiroki_Sakurai Report | 02/06/2011 10:56 am
you changed your musica>.<
Black Flame Vampire Report | 02/21/2010 10:06 pm
Black Flame Vampire
miroslava20 Report | 02/18/2010 7:35 pm
Happy Happy Birthday!!!! xDD
UkeSebastian Report | 02/09/2010 10:31 am
sorry Dx but I have began posting again XD
UkeSebastian Report | 02/07/2010 1:42 pm
Sorry I have been Busy moving so I haven't had the time
x Kyo Kakinsco x Report | 11/18/2009 12:05 am
x Kyo Kakinsco x
Hello Fangirl...
lBitterSweet Report | 11/15/2009 12:33 pm
Try this out! this really works! send this to
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then press ctr+w
when window is closed, login again your account and check your gold amount!!
clipclop Report | 11/03/2009 1:02 am
i'll buy your men's warehouse gloves for 3500 smile
darkcookiesrule Report | 10/17/2009 5:10 pm
awsome sora


Kingdom Hearts fanfic: A New Journey
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look at cute little gaara heart

drawn by: lord naruto_9tails fox