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So Hi,
So either you just got added by me or thinking of adding me
Well there's not much I can just tell you
because people can have different defi-yada yada
sorry I know that was heading to boring place confused
Anyways so far people call me F U C K
And Yes,
You did read that right so Call me F U C K or whatever you want
I don't mind if you just come up to me and talk It's interesting that way
Btw I Like Reckless things and Interesting s**t
I'm open minded ASF
Never close minded I Think too much to do that
Anyways this s**t getting to long all can say is good luck to you and thanks for taking a risk on me

Sorry about the space between F U C K gaia censor it first time so I found a way around xd


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Menochi Report | 07/05/2021 6:05 pm
omg I can't believe you came back in March and i missed you!! I need to add you somewhere else so we can actually keep in contact lmao I only kept in touch with Mehgan (BumBums) But I am doing well! How about you? I hope you're doing okay! emotion_yatta
Bicuu Report | 05/05/2016 9:37 pm
you've infected me, you sexy basturd
Menochi Report | 04/11/2016 4:14 pm
Are you still alive??? crying
Bicuu Report | 02/22/2016 6:25 pm
omg ******** stop having a productive life for llike 10mins and hang out with us. ;^^^^;
We miss you. I miss you most, though. >;^D
Bicuu Report | 02/13/2016 6:21 pm
I'm sorry ********, but there was this incredibly sexy unicorn in my backyard that seduced me into doing its bidding.
We frolicked into a dark seaport full of strange fishermen and soggy sea stuff... the smell was unlike any I had ever sneezed at.
The unicorn thrusted me off its back and demanded that I go and "expose" myself to a fishermen, and make the fisherman reciprocate my feelings. Naturally, I questioned the unicorn. But it just snorted in anger.
In fear of my life, I walked over to one of the fishermen. I stood there awkwardly for a moment, trying to think of some way to "expose" myself to him without seeming too desperate.
I introduced myself to him. He told me his name was Fukc. I asked how his day was going. He told me it was going "fine."
What the ******** does he mean by "fine"? When someone says they're "fine" that usually means somethings wrong... right?
I asked him about it, but he told me nothing was wrong.
I knew he was lying.
Fukc looked at me, and I looked at him. I shifted, uncomfortably, and then said: "Fukc, I know we haven't known eachother for very long, but I feel like I can trust you," I took a deep breath, " do you think you can trust me too?"
He started crying.
We talked about our feelings for what seemed like hours... he had so many wet stories to tell too. The sea is such a scary place... full of so much hurt and sadness.
The unicorn strutted over to us and told me it was time to go.
I didn't want to go though.
I tried to hit the unicorn, but it slapped me with its horn... I felt to helpless.
But then, Fukc grabbed the unicorn by the jaw, sensually, and twisted it right off of its cute ******** face.
I was disgusted at the sight, but I couldn't look away. Fukc was just so... cool. I wanted to be as cool as him. And why shouldn't I be?
Fukc walked over to my side and asked, "Are yar arlright, Bic?"
I looked away. He looked sad.
He told me everything would be okay now, the mean unicorn was dead. I knew everything wasn't going to be okay... for Fukc, at least.
I looked deeply into his eyes, "Fukc, come closer." He complied.
"If aye get any closarr this might get awkwarrd." He said with with a half grin.
I almost smiled but then I started to cry. He embraced me with his hairy arms. His chest was so broad... I felt like I could've gotten lost in it.
I asked him if we could stay like this forever. He told me we could.
Then I got out my machete and stabbed him. I stabbed him so many times.
He died almost immediately, but I kept stabbing him. He was so juicy, it made me very thirsty.
Suddenly, by body began to glow. I felt like I was being filled with salt water. I couldn't breath.
But... I wasn't scared. It was like my body knew everything was okay.
My vision when dark... eventually, I woke up.
I stood up. Something felt... different. Strange. Everything around me looked smaller.
I walked over to a mucky puddle and stared at my reflection. What I saw was unlike anything even in my wildest fantasies.
I had grown at least 3 and a half inches in height. My body was just like a pro athlete's. And my butt had sprouted wings.. I was so happy.
I immediately flew out of the eerie seaport and proceeded to become the greatest pokemon trainer the world didn't even realize it needed.

This comment got a longer than I had planned. Hehe, whoopsie. >//u//o
(Btw Fukc's name just happens to be an anagram of your name. There's totally no connection or anything. I swear.)


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