Character General Info

Name: Etsumi Kei

Gender: Female

Birth Date: April 12

Age: 16

Hair: White

Eyes: Sage Green

Appearance: Often wears native attire but when in school wears school uniform.
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Personality: She tends to be friendly but mostly keeps to herself or her team mates.


Mother: Masato Kei (Deceased)
Father: Anzu Kei (Deceased)
Sister: Ayame Kei


Etsumi Kei is the Daughter of Masato and Anzu of the planet Pandara she was the youngest of two children or rather twins she was the second born so she was picked to be the Senshi while her Sister Ruled the Throne when it came time to anyways so Etsumi was raised training to be the Senshi of her Planet and Protect the Princess with her life if she must. And her Sister Ayame is of course the Queen to be.

As she got older the more she got better at being a Senshi but she was reserved nothing like her sister who got in trouble more then a few times over the years she was nothing like a Princess that she should be...

Etsumi soon went off to learn from the previous Senshi that she would be replacing she was retiring as she had gotten old. But while she was away with the Elder senshi her planet had come under attack and her sister killed her parents wounded and all done by some unknown force. After her training which took a year to complete she returned home to find it in ruins with many dead and once she was told what happened she decided to go and look for who or what did it.

So she heads to Earth the Heart of everything Where the future Crystal Tokyo will be or so the stories she had been told as a child. She had been told about the Great Queen Serenity and her Guardians. Well she hoped that they could help her and in turn she would help them.

Character Senshi Info

Senshi Name: Sailor Pandara

Enemy or Ally or Neutral: Ally


Dimensional Staff: Which can be used as a weapon. Or used to open Dimensional Gateways.

Infinite Healing: The ability to heal the body and soul of another from evil.

Eternal Shield: A shield is formed around whatever the barrier wishes to protect.

Healing Bracelet: This is the power that her Staff in Bracelet forum can perform.

Strengths: She can keep a level head when in battle.

Weaknesses: She has but a one Offensive attack. Except for her Hand to Hand Combat Skills.

Senshi Fuku:
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Senshi Transformation Call:

"Crystal Pandara Power"

Her Staff when not in Staff form is that of a bracelet that she wears on her left wrist. When she transforms she takes it off and throws it into the air saying her Transformation call and it turns back into a Staff and she is transformed into her Senshi form by the time her Staff comes back down and she catches it.

Senshi Background:

When Etsumi was 13 it was time for her to go away with the previous Planet Senshi and train to control her powers to protect her people. For you see where she comes from Senshi powers are given not born into there are a few that are born with the powers.

The former Senshi took Etsumi to one of the Moons of Pandara that had all elements that one would need for training mountains to lakes to desert plains and even tropical rain forests.. The moon was labeled a nature reserve meant for only training and raising of animals.

The two spent a year on the moon training Etsumi in being the Senshi of the planet Pandara after that year the former senshi was sure she was ready which was good for word of what happened on their planet finely reached them on the moon and they left and returned home.

Other Info

Anything else you'd like to add: She is still a young Senshi and though her Training was completed she may still learn new powers over time.

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Chronicles of Etsumi Kei

This is the telling of what all goes on in the day to day (or when feels like it) goings on in the life of Etsumi Kei.



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