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I Well i think that it was about time that i change my profile a bit here's the facts. I'm a 5"3' African American male whose currently eighteen, I'm an aspiring Manga artist whose very good at what he does, in contrary I weigh 120 lbs I'm bi and i don't care what anybody thinks about me in the least bit.
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I Adore Nekos and Animas

I'm a novelist and an artist and I'm really good at dancing too, or so thats what they tell me, I'm currently single
((not on gaia that is)) and I really love taking pics but I can't do that too often.
I have dreams of making an anime of my own so that I may show the world what exactly a bisexual male like me has to offer ((which is a lot)). I have led a somewhat tattered life with many trials and downfalls, people don't say much about me...probably because I'm not your average everyday guy and I'm
not your wanna be cool guy either.
I like to think of myself as an Empathic kinda person and I'm not afraid to cry
when the time calls for it, I'm really sweet and I like all manners of people though i do have standards I never let those get in the way of me making new friends... though one day I do hope to find that special some one weather it be a he or a she.

teeheehee I just get these new Ideas to write things about just the other day I was talking to my life mentor and she had one of her "therapist" moments.
shes really cool for the most part but she asked me a very interesting question she said
"I've been wondering exactly what that choker signifies for you?"
she had made it quite clear that she had had her own ideas about what it meant in her she wanted ta hear meh reasoning first. with a deep breath I thought smiled and then said...
"well chokers were originally made for females and more importantly foreplay, seeings how I'm practically on the path of homosexuality it seems that my us e of a choker expresses my desires to be dominated by the other men."
she looked at me all weird like and I smiled carrying on
"after all it looks really good and delicate on me and every guy I meet likes it in one way or another."
if you think I'm lying you would be surprised, you'd love it just as well as everything else that comes with it

Ice Cold

People tend t call me heartless and inconsiderate, they say that I have very little regard for the human heart on an emotional level...but little does anyone know I understand those feelings quite well.I am labeled by society as something that I absolutely am not, a sinful abomination that shouldn't have ever been born. I my life thus far I have understood the trials of love and betrayal. I lived through these obsticals only to become what I am today. A kindred heart surrounded by the corruption of man kind,
I can't blame anyone else for my mistakes I can only acknowledge that they were my fault, and as a penance carry them as my burden. my heart has been shattered and with it just a little of my shell of insecurity. To love is to hate and to hate is to love. I love man kind but I hate our kind as well, with corruption there is purity...and by all means I am no saint.

to be intact with ones emotions is not a weakness..I learned or more subtly said I know, I am no woman but I feel like I am not a man as well, instead I retain the innocence of a small child, yet as a slightly more advanced child..I know the boundaries between right and wrong.

whats worse is I am loved but I never actually feel loved, the friction of soft skin and the warmth of another person is intoxicating...but like all drugs when the contact is gone so is that giddy feeling that I get.

so to be physically loved is not the same as emotional love, most can't discern the difference but i can because I've known this first hand. and in a way emotional love is an extension of ones spirit...but I'm still a half so where is my other half so that we may become a whole?

Flaming Hearts

Hearts whilt and feel with emotion, but when lack of emotion is evident, my heart slowly begans to die. Its like I'm losing my soul to anothers will, emotional dependency is a horrid thing...and I know that I am not emotionally dependant on anyone but myself. I love few and hate many but then how condescending would that sound?
to lie is to show a lack of trust..I don't enjoy lying but then again I don't trust everyone with my deepest and darkest desires, I don't call them secrets because in this world there are no secrets.

they are the fire that burns in my heart, in that cavity in my chest that I had thought was gone long ago, to rekindle such a grave yet exhilerating thing within me is truly a beautiful experience. though what is love but the burning wick of a candle?

much like the flame of that candle love eventaully dies, though eternally love lives in dreams and the desire to know it truly is inscribe into my very being love is much like me patient and ever waiting. yearning for the expanseless affection that I desire. to hold me isn't enough, to love me isn't so much but to hold me and to truly cherish me will rekindle the flame of my empty heart.

those burning feelings of temptation and the sonata of my heart singing, through and through. lifting my hand the wind licks the tips of my fingers, and finally the warmth returns...oh distant lover wont you return to me to mend my flaming heart...


I think cosplay is funny; i just won't ever do it thats all
My Favorite Bands:
Disturbed, A7X, Three Days Grace, Offspring.
Bleach, Naruto, TriGun, Blood Trinity, Big O, Cowboy Bebop,
Ghost in the Shell, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inyuyasha, Black Blood Brotherds, Aquarion, Ikki Tousen, Black Cat, Claymore, Kurohime, Gatcha Gatcha, Dragonball Z, Dragonball Gt... and countless other titles.

I'm Uke By the way >///<
And I think that Dante from off of devil may cry is DEVILISHLY Handsome ^///^ and his older brother Virgil is a real hawty too

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Oh Also really really like Misteor: Mio mans pictures from off of photo bucket as you can see I have two of their pics..


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Leonidas Pelagios
I hope you don't mind if I say hi... emotion_kirakira
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Falling Neptune
tony hey man long time no talk
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Oh gawd I commented on meh own profile...peoples I am no longer Eternity on end I am now the Eternal Concubine
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You like Totally shouldn't write me off yet...cause I still have so much ta show you



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Oh Gawd I really wanna take more sizling hot pics of mehself but I can't...Why me The self Proclaimed Narcissistic Midget OH GAWD! WHYYYYYYYYYY!? >.