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Reignos Report | 04/13/2012 7:54 pm
i changed it. its German .

The last 1 i had was Satyros By Faun heart _ heart and the Current: 2 falken by Faun

btw make a room my love
Six Realms Sage Report | 05/22/2011 5:00 pm
Six Realms Sage
you have lobo the wolf?? badass xp
Six Realms Sage Report | 01/16/2011 1:33 pm
Six Realms Sage
you took my hair aha xp
Six Realms Sage Report | 12/27/2010 5:57 pm
Six Realms Sage
Six Realms Sage Report | 12/27/2010 10:40 am
Six Realms Sage
just chillin, merry x-mas to you to ha, and hey cute profile pics by the way, if you don't mind me sayin' cool
Six Realms Sage Report | 12/25/2010 1:56 pm
Six Realms Sage
hey remember me? lol long time no see
Zasuke_The_Dark_Angel Report | 11/12/2010 2:39 pm
well if you get like 20k can you trade it to me smile -James-
Zasuke_The_Dark_Angel Report | 11/12/2010 1:26 pm
i forgot your a girl my bad!!! i mean dudet how much gold do u have can you give me some for my birthday? -James-
Zasuke_The_Dark_Angel Report | 11/12/2010 1:25 pm
i know right xD lol you think you can give me some gold for my birthday? how much do you have dude -James-
Zasuke_The_Dark_Angel Report | 11/12/2010 12:57 pm
yes it is and i need it saving up for it smile -James-

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