About Me

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If you're looking at my profile right now, you obviously don't realize that I quit Gaia. The only reason this is up here is to tell my old friends that i don't plan on getting on Gaia for quite a while. I made a lot of good friends on Gaia- ones that will have impacted my life forever- but Gaia's gotten old and its time to move on.
However, if you used to be one of my friends on Gaia and you want to get in contact with me, send me a PM, but i won't be accepting friend requests (Not to be mean in any way but theres no point if I can be friends with you on Facebook or whatever) So thats it (: Thanks for looking at my page!

My old names:
Sk8er Kitty-cat (very first user name)
Dark_of_the_Heart (more recent user name)