"There's only one person I trust... And her name is Winterfall..."


"What frightens many people...is the dread of insignificance, the notion that we will be born, live and one day none of it will matter. A good many people don't want to live forever - it is like reading a good book or watching a good movie that never ends. Many people understand that the story of our lives must have a beginning, a middle, and an end; but what they desperately want is to live long enough to get it right, to feel that they have done something worthwhile with their lives"
Jovito R. Salonga
Philippine Senator, Historian...

Current Profile: Silent Farewell

Shout-outs to:

Siren-chan and Yami-chan: You guys are awesome mods. Sorry if your the only ones managing the guild and greeting every new applicant. I applaud your effort and hope you guys continue it.

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Conan Edogawa & Ai Haibara heart

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Lelouch Lamperouge & C.C heart
(My Favorite Couple pairings XD heart )

Short Facts about me:

Nickname: Enigma, Cyn(Sin) 3nodding
Nationality: Filipino
Age: 20
Likes: Fanfics, Random post and comments, Cosplay, reading, napping, and writing
Dislikes: Arrogant, self centered persons... and ummm, seafood XD

[Blood ] Vice-Captain
Village hidden in towns - Chuunin Rank [Skirmisher Team Slot]
Random poster and Custom Profile Maker ^_^

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As my short facts depict, yes, I'm a Filipino, 20 year old 2nd year Information Technology, and yes I write fanfics and poems. (I'm currently Writing chappie 2 of my new fanfic XD)

~And I love random things...Fan of JPOP/JROCK music... and... COSPLAY!!! XD~

*told you I was random XD*

Just got back recently, just in time for my guilds celebration ^^. I really missed this hangout since I have been busy doing stuff, haven't posted much and got in contact with some friends T~T.
Just got back recently, just in time for my guilds celebration ^^. I really missed this hangout since I have been busy doing stuff, haven't posted much and got in contact with some friends T~T.

Mmm, note to all request on profiles: I only do profiles with black as background... I don't have any much idea on color combinations so you'll have to do with black... And to all those who have requested profiles, I apologize if I can't give them to you yet, since I'm busy with the new semester T~T.

Gaia Facts bout me ~Yay more info on him~


Vice-captain of Blood discussion guild:Who'd ever thought of lil ol me being vice-captain? At least I get to make a huge mess in the guild once in while *evil grin*

TVHIT battle system guild, Chuunin ~Which has a great role-playing sub-forum if I may add ^^~

Custom Profile Maker: Started last december, haha, fixed almost all the bugs I had in this profile. I'm happy to say it's 100% operational. Can't wait to finish the third profile ^^.

And of course a random lurker in the community forums ~I only read, not post... That's why I can't even earn a decent avi >.>~

Current thoughts: ~10/28 Update~
Hoping to recover from an Illness

Hoping I'll get to meet my koishii-chan soon

Thinking of rewriting my whole fanfic

Making a new banner for my vampiric guild ~Chevaliers are the best :nods:~

Listening: Abingdon Boys School, Nana Mizuki, Ali Project, M.O.V.E, High and Mighty Color, various anime instrumentals.

What Comes After Winter

As we were walking through the snowy grounds of the park
Chatting through the damp and cold surroundings
You suddenly stopped and smiled to me, all to sweet
And asked me cheerfully "What happens after winter?"

As I pondered that question, I only could think of one answer
So I answered with great confidence "After winter, snow melts."
But as I said that, you started laughing with your eyes twinkling
"Silly" you said to me "Spring comes after winter has passed."

We laughed together at the simplicity of the answer
And I asked her, "So why do you long for spring?"
You suddenly became quiet, as if I said something wrong
Then you looked at me and answered in a soft voice;

"For me, springs brings new beginnings for me"
"Where all the pain and loneliness I felt will be forgotten"
"Where I can find new memories to keep and cherish"
"Where all my sorrows passes away and happiness arrives"

As to her answer, I smiled to her, thinking of all things she wished
Walking hand in hand, we slowly walked back towards home
But not after we silently watched a tree full of snow
Where all of snow were falling down slowly, revealing a tiny bud life

We looked at each other, smiling and both thinking

"What comes after winter? Spring full of life"
"Like all things that came to pass, it starts anew"
"Leaving sorrow for the joy of a new beginning"
"We'll leave our painful life for a future full of happiness"
"Like the cherry trees that blooms in spring"
"It's petals fade away, but blossoms again in spring"


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Yukikaze Drabbles

Random drabbles, poems and my daily life... Just one thing, when reading entries, please leave a comment k? ^^



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cool avi
Jared Frost Smith

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Jared Frost Smith

your profile is amazing! And so is your avatar! heart

p.s. can we be friends?

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Happy New Year!!!! smile ~ 2012 whee

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Gomen! I didn't realize u commented me until now lol! I'm so sorry, I don't know why I didn't see it before (probably because I'm not very active on gaia anymore sweatdrop )! Thank you Enigma-san! I had a great birthday biggrin
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Shauna Ianhart

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Sorry I'm a day late! sweatdrop Happy Birthday Mr. Vice Captain! 3nodding
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