About My Emoness

Howdy, Howdy.(:

Its Twisted Farytale hacking Emokid0011. 8D Well I'll tell you how i feel about him! <33 He is a really nice and hyper person. Yes, it is true. He his emo. </3 And I wish he wasn't D': but, life sucks for me! Well, anyway. Drew is one of my top 10 favorite friends 8D He is easy to get along with, and never really gets mad. He is really funny and SUCH a cutiieee ( Nu, i don't like him like that XD ). His age is 4,254 :3 He is single, and straight ( Sorry dudes ;D ). He is such a great friend and can help you with almost any problem. You can NEVER stay mad at him. And that's it :3

See Yah! ;D