"Welcome Home,"

Sunlight was peeking through the bordered up windows of their home. She grumbled and glared at the sunlight as if that would make it go away, but since it’s a force of nature she gave up immediately afterwards. You can’t change the ways of thing greater than you, only hate them from afar. That, and board up your windows so that you don’t see them. Mai looked at the withering wood that blocked the sunlight from reaching her house. With ten years of sunlight and rain hitting it, it’s no wonder it was falling apart.

Sure enough, one of the boards fell off and broke on her wooden floor, instinctively making the girl get up from her dusty bed to clean it up. But as her feet touched the ground, she stopped and simply stared.

She didn’t have to get up from her bed

She didn’t have to clean up the mess

She didn’t have to…do anything.

Because there’s no point to maintaining this house anymore. There was no point to anything anymore.

It’s been 10 years since she was created, created by HER.

They were poor, unfashionable, and weak at first, and it was though on them to get through this. But…they did it together. Because of HER, she had a house, an aquarium, a car, rings, and millions of gold. If it wasn’t for HER, she wouldn’t have any of this.

Then she left, after two years, she left. She’d grown up and left

It’s been 10 years now.

It feels longer.

At first…at first she didn’t think much of it. She thought SHE needed a break and would come back eventually, so she would clean the house, polish the car, and feed the fish while she was gone, she did it religiously, happily, always singing a little tune ash she did so.

By the first year, she was getting anxious, was she forgotten? She dares not spend a single gold while SHE wasn’t there. But there was only so much she could do without HER.

By the third year, she realized that SHE wasn’t coming back, that she had moved on to another phase in her life. Alone, without her.

But it got worse, all her friends, the ones she made with HER guidance…even they left.

She was alone.

By the fourth year…By the fifth yearby the sixth year

Their house was forgotten, their aquarium dead and stale, their car rusty and grimy, and she, she was forgotten.

It was hell.

What’s worse is that she couldn’t blame HER for leaving. It was normal, predicted. It was…it was always bound to happen. She just wasn’t expecting it so soon.

The light from the window was blinding her, causing tears to trickle from her eyes. It was terrible, she was terrible, everything was…everything’s just terrible. And everything will just stay terrible.

But…she’d be lying…if she said…that she’d stopped believing. Believing that She’d come back.

Believing that they could be a team again.


Whoa, a lot of things changed in the past 8 years, huh? Cat avatars? New towns? Platinum?!

Seriously, I thought this place would be forgotten by now. I’m kinda happy that wasn’t the case.

Hm? Who am I? and what am I doing here, you ask?

Oh sorry, I’m Elaine, and as for what I’m doing here…eh, curiosity? Nostalgia? A want to see how this community grew, that’s all.

It’s been 10 years since I made her.

It feels long, or even shorter sometimes. Haha, I still remember participating in some Halloween event there where I get her this snazzy cape I never use, and how I hated the irritating screeches of the monsters of Zomg.

Are they still annoying I wonder? I'll go check later.

I wonder what my past self was thinking, leaving our avatar in her spring-summer outfit with those eyes I bought for Halloween. I liked Halloween.

Those were simpler times, hectic, but simpler.

I sniffled a sneeze.

Welp, Let's see how this turns out.

I looked towards a certain house in Boston, one I was familiar with. I mean, It’s our house after all.

…Though…doesn’t it look a bit shabby? Guess I’ll have to do some maintenance work on it, huh? That’ll be fun.

I knock on the wooden door and immediately hear a *thump* coming from inside. I grimace, aww fudge, did I wake her up? Maybe I should just-

The door slams open, revealing the owner of the house. I winced, and readied a smile and an apology just in case she goes rabid for taking her away from her dream.

Then I stopped.

“Mai? What happened to you?” I stuttered

She was covered head to toe in dust and grime, her clothes were dirty and withered, and the look on her face made it clear that she was crying. It was only then that it really struck me.

It’s been 8 years since I left. I grew up, and I had my fun.

But for her…it’s only been 8 years of nothingness.

I swallowed “Mai, I-,”

Something crashed on me, arms encircled me, and my chest was getting wet from tears.

God, what have I done?!

“Mai, I’m so sorry, I-,”



She gripped harder “Try again,”

I fumbled, try again? What was I trying to do?!

“U-um, I’m sorry for leaving you, I should have-,”

She gripped harder

No. Try again,”

“M-Mai, sorry but-,”

I was wheezing, oh god I shouldn’t have given her that muscle ring.


Dangit, what do you want me to say?! Speak woman!

I turned my head away in case she tries going for it, letting me get a glimpse of the interior of our home from behind her head. It was completely neglected. Broken glass, splintered wood, dying plants, you name it, it’s there. It broke my heart honestly, me and Mai used to play board games in that house, and now look at it. Cluttered and forgotten.

I felt my muscles lax. And gently lifted a hand to pat her head.

“Mai? I’m home,”

For the first time in 8 year, she smiled.

“Welcome home,”