About Koneko!

I'm in a relationship with Edward Elric and Yuki Sohma(In other words you can't have them there MINE!!!).I love to draw,watch anime,and read manga.I love Japan!I have the biggest Edward Elric fetish i call him my Eddypoo! If you think he likes you in that way your wrong,because i marked him where the anime and manga will never show.<3
The other Characters that i have crushes on are Sai(Naruto),Renji(Bleach),Bankotsu(Inuyasha),Lelouch(Code Geass),Akito(Fruits Basket)Allen(D.Gray Man),Mytho(Princess TuTu),Ryoma(Prince Of Tenis),Light Yagami(Death Note),Kai(Blood ),Charles(Blood ),Fai(Tsubasa),L(Death Note Live Action Movie),Toya(The Gentlemens Alliance ),Luffy(One Peice),Hifumi Minagawa(Cafe Kichijouji de),Itsuki Koizumi(The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya),Yuji Sakai(Shakugan No Shana),Tadase(Shugo Chara),Daichi(Kitchen Princess),Zero(Vampire Knight),Ren Maaka(Chibi Vampire),Vic Mignogna(English Voice Of Edward Elric)(I meet him in real life <333!),Japser (Hale) Cullen (Twilight).I really hate Winry(FullMetal Alchemist),Matchi(Fruits Basket),Rue/Krahe(Princess TuTu),and Isuzu/Rin(Fruits Basket).
My anime character is named Koneko Momoko, but since me and Edward are married (<3) my name is now Koneko Elric. In real life i'm just a crazy anime lover. I know i sound insane sometimes but i'm not as badd as I seem. Yes I know it's just anime but it matters to me. I love Coca-Cola. I swear i'm 83% Coke. I am a fan a yaoi so if your aganist it oh well.