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Animal freak. I know so much about animals I sometimes scare myself.

meet my bazillion animals


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3 year old black German Shepherd Belgian Sheepdog mix. The very day we adopted her, she'd been rescued off the street, spayed, developed kennel cough and double pnemonia. Everyone was scrambling to save her life and she was in the vet's office for a week. Because of this, we named her Durga after the Hindu goddess who was saved by her people after being very ill.

Unfortunately we should have called her Gir instead. She's an absolute baffoon, and when we first brought her home, she was so destructive that my mom had one foot out the door ready to take her back to the shelter. I can't explain why but this compelled me to learn about training dogs very quickly through Cesar Millan's shows and internet research. Every time Durga ate/destroyed something, I would never get angry at her. I would take responsibility for her misbehavior against my family so I would take the blame for her instead.

Durga is almost properly trained now. She listens to me instead of blatently ignoring me and we go on hikes together which gives her a job to do and keeps her busy.

She's my goofy Durga, I wouldn't have her any other way ^-^

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Valkyrie is my mom's 5 year old German Shepherd dog. We saw her online and we were impressed by how light colored she was. The day we went to go visit her, she was dirty and locked in a kennel with about 100 other barking dogs. One of the dogs that day actually bit her through the fence and took off a chunk of her ear. We call it her goofy ear now.

We could tell immediately that whoever had owned her before was a man, and that he had beat her. Every move we made toward her she flinched away from as though she was going to be hit, and she was especially fearful of men more than women or children.

I've been working with Durga more since Durga had more of a problem than Valky, but I'm now taking Valky hiking and to the dog park where she is regaining much of her confidence and trust in people. She's been doing very well though her progress is slow. I hope eventually she will be bouncy and happy like Durga is.

Spencer and Bodie

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My two little monsters. Spencer is blue and Bodie is green. I got Spencer first and he's always been pretty mellow, and a little chubby. He loooooooooves millet and will fly across the room for it.

I got Bodie about a month after I got Spencer, and he doesn't care for people or millet that much. He's just an independent little guy and that's okay with me. I got him for Spencer because Spencer looked so traumatized by himself.

It's so funny watching them have their little birdy battles. They're territorial over the stupidest little things like the bird bath, the millet, the bell, and the top of the play pen. They never fight seriously and they always steal things behind eachother's backs, but its so fun to just sit and watch them.


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Pan is my 9 year old kitty out of a litter of 3. We've also got her two brothers and they are all tabby kitties. Pan is a little snot princess. She'll run and hide from you unless you sweet talk her and then she slinks out of her hiding place and waltzes up to you. She hates to be picked up and turns into a cartwheeling cactus when she sees a dog.


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Boy kitty of the same litter and my older brother's cat. He's kinda a loner. He won't come to you if you call him, but if you're in the man-cave chilling out, he'll show up and be an attention whore. He cries at you if you don't pay attention to him, and his purr is suuuper loud. I dun have any older pictures of him because he's always hiding.


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My younger brother's cat from the litter, and he's the biggest oaf out of all our kitties. He'll always show up if you're anywhere outside and he's so chill that it's hilarious. He's good with pretty much any animal except the dogs. We usually leave him with the baby chicks when we're raising them because he'll just let them walk all over him and be their mommy. Honestly, he's just a big moose.


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We weren't planning on getting another kitty but my mom has always liked black kitties, and one day my friend called me up and was like "omg my friend has three black kittens, do you want one?" I ran right over and there were three kittens, one girl and two twin boys. One of the twin boys was really sweet, purring and being cute while the other boy was kinda aloof, didn't really wanna be petted.

I called my mom and she said she wanted the aloof one and she would name him Lucifer. So that's what we did. He's not so much aloof now as he is.... strange. He's one of those kitties that when you pick up he goes totally limp like a doll. But he's also very VERY sweet when he wants to be, and super cuddly ^-^

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Skillet and Yikes

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Skillet is the one on the left, Yikes is on the right. They're my brother's pet rats and they are little turds. They're chubby cuz they like to stash their food and then beg that they're starving. My brother put their butts on a diet and they're looking a little healthier. Yikes is a little booger. He likes to reach out at you when you walk by his cage and if you hold out your hand, he'll jump on it and run all the way up your arm and then hang out on your shoulder. Skillet is more of a home-body. He likes to yell at you from his cage and then run to your hand for petting ^-^


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My younger brother's Russian tortoise. We were gonna get my brother a water turtle but they didn't have any, and when I saw they had tortoises on sale I was like OMG TORTOISES and we had to get a tortoise. You're prolly thinking "dude, what's so special about a turtle" but honestly, he's the coolest animal in the house. It's so awesome to watch him eat, and the way he looks at you is like he's planning some hideous scheme to destroy the world.

He's also a little escape artist. We have a pen in the backyard for him and he always manages to burrow his way out of it. Luckily he can never get far, I always find him at the very back of the yard with this look like "you may have caught me now, but I'll escape next time!!! MUHAAAHAHAAHAAAA"


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Widget is one of our 7 chickens. My mom bought several bantam chickens and it was just a surprise what we were gonna get. We got a white fluffy rooster, a plump black and white hen about the size of a football, and Widget, a macho little rooster smaller than a pigeon. He's such a punk. When he crows he squeaks like a mouse, and he talks nonstop. Sometimes I'll be walking across the yard for something and I'll feel like I've got a branch stuck to my leg, I'll look down and it's Widget trying to attack my leg but he's just getting kicked around cuz he's so small. I often have to pick him up and just carry him around with me cuz I'm scared I'm gonna step on him. He's so much fun to have around though cuz he's just an irony in himself.

Me and my boyfriend

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Cuz we can't leave out the craziest animals of them all! I been with my boyfriend since April of 2007 and it's been like a psycho crazy waterpark with dragons and pirahnas. We're both computer nerds and when we have discussions it sounds like we're arguing and we make everyone nervous cuz they think we're fighting XD. He's always bargaining with me for backrubs, even though I give him a hard time cuz I'm lazy. But he's the best boyfriend ever cuz he lets me hog his bed and he buys me Chinese food and he lets me watch the movies I wanna watch and he rubs my back when I'm angry and he listens to my crap about horses and he puts up with my ridiculous girl drama. I love him with all my dorky being and he deserves the Best Boyfriend award of all time.


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khbbs tas awesome
Hello Kitty Killer 4EVA Report | 05/12/2010 1:00 pm
Hello Kitty Killer 4EVA
OMG! Was that your horse right afteru got her? She looks so improved in the one picture. I wish I had a horse. My dad is so not fair. UGH!

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Eluria_Mendes Report | 06/14/2009 4:16 pm
Hey!Happy Birthday!!!
Holsteiner Report | 02/14/2009 6:48 pm
Your horse is just darling, I hope her feet heal and prove that dumbsh*t vet of yours wrong!

Add me? :}
dizziedobsession Report | 12/29/2008 10:43 pm
omg your horses are gorgeous, and your avi is adorable!
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Mathew Elric
What a fah-reek!... JK?...
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Aww cute XD
Joico Report | 12/11/2008 7:45 am
Is that your horse?
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Darman Republic Commando
wanna come to a rally at hair pin turn


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Tail up? Ears up? Neck arched? High feet? Nostrils flared?
Must be an Arabian.