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❀❀❀ Post-grad livin in a post-grad world doin post-grad ish ❀❀❀

☁facebook/IG (you may ask but do not expect me to give it to you for past experiences of breaching of privacy
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I hate Exumer Report | 08/21/2021 1:48 am
I hate Exumer
hello 4laugh
CloudSmog Report | 07/25/2021 12:04 am
fanclubwallet Report | 04/04/2016 10:57 pm
It's always nice to see a familiar face when I come back!
How often do you pop your head back in here?

I think we're still fb pals too~
dewiesu Report | 04/02/2016 10:24 pm
(she attacked your looks cuz she had nothing better to say, otherwise why would she shift the convo to your looks, its either that or she woulda attacked your grammar)
dewiesu Report | 04/02/2016 10:12 pm
no problem girl, that was disgusting to see, you allowed to be sexy wtf... what 50's way of thinking "ill call her a whore because how she looks"
you are lovely and pretty too, you didnt deserve that.
lol hipsturd Report | 04/02/2016 7:20 pm
lol hipsturd
holy poop ur pretty
Arashiyama Report | 04/02/2016 6:03 am
Aw that's too bad.

No, but I know a lot of people who have them, or will hang them on their wall or whatever they feel is necessary.
Arashiyama Report | 04/02/2016 5:39 am
Oh gosh, sounds like lots of fun lol I couldn't do it but I hope you enjoyed yourself!

Yeah, it is. Even if it wasn't though, the blazing sun is probably enough to make anyone sweat. I live in Phoenix and it gets up to 120 degrees some days emo

captcha giant bunny rabbits sounds terrifying
Arashiyama Report | 04/02/2016 5:33 am
Which kind of tournament was that?
I just recently moved in with my older sister here. I used to live here as a child but that doesn't mean I'm looking forward to summer burning_eyes
Especially since we don't even have a car. It's already getting to the 80's-90's and already hell to have to go anywhere.
Arashiyama Report | 04/02/2016 5:22 am
I'm in Arizona but because we don't have daylight savings time here, it's the same time!
I actually accidentally fell asleep much earlier than I normally would and as a result, also woke up much earlier than I normally would gonk
Too early to start my day, so might as well go on Gaia lol