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dripping honeycomb

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Salutations. I'm lame Lain and I would guess that I'm back from a pretty long hiatus- or something like that. Generally I sit around reading books and not paying attention to what goes on in the outside world. I tend to stay in the realm of classic literature (because I'm too busy swooning over Mr. Darcy to do much else), so most likely I won't have heard of whatever newfangled series everyone is drooling over now; that is if you attempt to chat me up about books. Otherwise, I am amused by puns, drink far too much coffee, mess around with sculpting, write a lot of stories, roleplay, and listen to sad songs via record.
Wow, I sound like a totally pretentious a*****e. I promise I'm not though.
In fact, I am a pretty nice person, albeit you'll have to put up with my rather harsh sense of humor, mild sadistic streak, and potty mouth. I am also a bit of a grumpy old man. There is a good chance I will have to warm up to you, but if you have the patience being my friend can be a worthwhile experience sometimes. (I think?)
Often times, I am pretty flirtatious on the internet for my own amusement. However, I wouldn't press your luck since I am the complete opposite in reality and you'll just end up disappointed. But don't let that drive you off, I suppose. I do get fond or attached to some people.
That being said, my friends list is usually a pretty exclusive place. I add people upon my discretion when I feel like it. I don't like being bothered incessantly, hence I have Meebo disabled. Above all else, I don't like or want to be friends with gold diggers. If I want to spoil and turn you into my pampered prince/princess, I will. Asking will not help your odds.

At any rate, who wants to read all this s**t? You probably left ages ago out of boredom. But if not or you want to ask anything else I didn't mention...

→Feel free to begin a conversation with me here.←

→Take a glance at some of my avatars here.←

P.S. I'm ******** awful at remembering to comment back. Deal with it.

My Regular Profile Song: Predator- Front Line Assembly (Collide Remix)
My Profile Song for Valentine's Day: Softly As I Leave You as so covered by Michael Buble- who I HATE under any other circumstance, so don't assume I am his fan.

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