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CaII Me Bella Report | 07/25/2019 1:33 pm
CaII Me Bella
Hey!! Just passing through Gaia and thought I'd say hi to an old friend! Not sure if you remember me but we used to chat all the time smile How's life my dude?? dramallama
CaII Me Bella Report | 03/12/2013 5:28 am
CaII Me Bella
When are you getting on!? I miss you! </3
XxlordcyrusxX3 Report | 02/11/2012 3:30 am
-__________- Wassup Stranger Iant see no long time Now Bro! xD xD xD hit me Up -sighned Your ExFavoriteBlack kid!
CaII Me Bella Report | 01/24/2012 4:32 pm
CaII Me Bella
Schools great. Hating all drama and my teachers though neutral ANYWAYS..Hows school goin for you 4laugh
CaII Me Bella Report | 01/01/2012 6:11 pm
CaII Me Bella
Haha really Drake? I didnt even know u started smoking weed! You Bad Boy! Lol wink
Baby Caeks Report | 01/01/2012 6:10 pm
Baby Caeks
I know you are wink lol
CaII Me Bella Report | 01/01/2012 6:07 pm
CaII Me Bella
Whats goin on with you? Hows life razz
CaII Me Bella Report | 01/01/2012 6:06 pm
CaII Me Bella
Interested eh? Lifes great! Im just the same old Bella smile changed my username Quian-Lao was pretty weird wink
CaII Me Bella Report | 01/01/2012 6:01 pm
CaII Me Bella
Yeah Little Big Planet is really cute why'd u ask :]
CaII Me Bella Report | 01/01/2012 5:57 pm
CaII Me Bella
Haha same here i got a PS3 tho thats good! smile


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Don't come on here much. Used to be really into Gaia until I turned 14 and realized what sex was. Still fun to roll through here and reminisce on the innocent fun I used to have on here.