She's nori.

she loves drawing, reading, acting, singing and a big etcetera.

she has:
dark short hair, white skin, hazel eyes, bad luck, a lot of beloved friends, zero free time, an obssesion with male's voices *coughts * , bad english (XD), and more ~~

And yes, she can make you some avi art . -not free , of course xD-

* you will not steal her art if you want to live. (thinking on claim them as your own ? don't you dare!!!)
* You will not cheat her on the trades, (i'll burn your house MUHAHAHA!)
* will you help her to improve this poor profile ? it sucks =_=
*donations are VERY WELCOME ! *_* (pleeeeeease fallen wish, alruna's rose, or gimpi *___________*)
*She is Chilean, so you can hablar español aqui!! biggrin