So anyways my name is Natalie. My birthday is on November 9. I have a twin: lx-CyprusKing-xl, ya he is my twin!! We are two hours apart. And i am the older one. Hahahahaha Mark sorry, but finally someone is younger than me. Anyways so if u give him a present, I better get one too!!! Jk. So i am the youngest one in my class, but one of the tallest... lol...My best friends are Michelle,Nina,Lillianne,Mark,Kevin, and Estelle. When i eventually do die it will be because of Lillianne she will kill me one day (with a rubber band). I am terrified of those things. So anyway my favorite colors are teal,gray,yellow, and pretty much all shades of light blue. I have a major crush on someone..... I like them ALOT!! And u will never know who.... so i hope you know more about me now. U probally noticed i am a wierdo. I am crazy in a good way. (i think) ..... BYE!! exclaim xd biggrin blaugh I CANT BELIEVE WE ARE GRADUATING THIS YEAR!! crying I AM GOING TO MISS MY CLASS EVEN THOSE PEOPLE WHO TALKED CRAP ABOUT ME!! CLASS OF 2011