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Inu Tsurai (Bitter Dog)

Just thoughts...


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Name: Skiler
Nickname: Ski
Rase: Half Vamp/Half Demon
Age: 17
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Navy Blue
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I'm a story & poem writer. I've puplished very few poems though. I love to sing on the night of the full moon. I dance in my own stile and songs. I can't sing songs writen by other people and I refuse to. I don't think I could capture the right mood thus making my voice go ether higher or lower. I take my time in doing things but when I do them I do it right. I'm told I walk really slow but thats only cause I'm in no hurry. I hate waiting on things it just reminds me how slow sec are. An' I hate people who tell me what to do and how to do it. I don't take orders from those who are younder then me nor do I like them teach me. I hate overly religious people telling me what I can and cannot say especially when I'm not talking to them(1. It's just rude 2. I know I'm going to hell already why should they care what I say it's not them saying it thus their still 'pure').


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SKY_CUTIE Report | 05/10/2009 2:33 pm
love your profile
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Wolf-as-white-as-the-moon Report | 01/03/2009 8:54 am
Wolf-as-white-as-the-moon Report | 01/02/2009 9:30 pm
lol! sure sis you be saying the same thing next year to ^_^
ll JokersHeart ll Report | 01/02/2009 7:54 pm
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What is it about humans and trying to escape death? I’ve never understood it.

I mean, no one lives forever, yet, here they are … trying to save this little boys life

as he bleeds uncontrollably from his left- maybe it was the right- shoulder.

I looked around the bloody scene. Good. My little girl is doing well. I bared my sharp as teeth in a sickening smile.
Blood dripped from my chin and splattered onto my now blood soaked shirt.
It rained blood for the millionth time that month. What can I say I’m a demon; demons love the taste of blood.

Every time you leave me
I brake down and cry
I try and try but
Can never get it right
I guess it wasn’t meant to be

The worlds against me
It wants me to be this way
Alone forever
Emotionless for life

Why can’t I be happy?
Why can’t I be loved?
Why can’t I just be me?
What did I do to deserve this?
Why can’t I live in peace?

The worlds against me
It wants me to be this way
Alone forever
Emotionless for life

Can’t you see my pain?
Can’t you hear me?
Don’t you see I’m dieing inside?
I suppose you don’t even see the tears.
Can you see what’s deep down?
My true feelings of hurt?

The worlds against me
It wants me to be this way
Alone forever
Emotionless for life

Every time you leave me
I brake down and cry
I try and try but
Can never get it right
I guess it wasn’t meant to be

This World of hate
Filled with anger
I long to be held
These people look at me
As their friends
But I know the truth

The world wants me this way . . .
Alone forever . . .
Emotionless for life . . .

(Skiler said Sky-Ler)

Alone and Emotionless (Song)

(Ela Said Ee-la)

Blue's Story

I hide my joy behind this mask
Telling myself it’s nothing
But every time I see you next to me
I feel my heart begin to take flight

The smile I saved for you
Never made it to my face
You rejected me before you knew me
You hatred for me was confusing

Now that I’m on my death bed
You tell me
You had fell in love with me
But didn’t want to admit it

You hated me because
I confused you
You loved me because
I was just me and no one else

Confusing Love (poem)

By: Blue

By: Blue

I watch him from afar
Afraid to come near
Scared to damage his angelica air
With my demonic aqua
Does he see me?
Does he know I exist?
These questions float in my subconscious
Only daring to inter the mine when he’s near

Afar (poem)

By: blue

The women’s screams, her rigid breath, mumbles of not being able to do it, how imposable it was for her, these were one sign of birth of the newest baby in hell for over three years.

“Push!” The demon doctor told the young mother to be, her face was already turning purple. “Come on! Come on! One more should get it out!”

With the final push done she heard the doctor say it was a girl, a perfect baby girl that didn’t cry in the hands of a stranger. Was she sick?

Suddenly, the women cried out again and started pushing. More screaming filled the room, the new mothers air coming in gasps now. Her mate ran in to see what was wrong, froze when he saw the baby girl in the doctors hands and his mate giving birth to another one. “Twins,” he gasped in shock. Never had there been twins. He suddenly felt a painful sadness fill him as he decided what he would do. He turned to the door and left never looking back.

That’s all every ones seems to be doing these days…
Insane laughing…
What is wrong with the world?
Blood shed…
Dull eyes…
Why does it always happen to the innocent?
What happen to the mighty God?
The one that judges?
The one that sets things right again?
He’s laughing too, isn’t he?
He’s the one who started this s**t, isn’t he?
It’s because of him; we start alone and end alone
Because of him
Because of him, there is no happiness
Only a sliver of dreams

Whats wrong? (Poem)
By Blue

I Laugh so I don't Cry
I giggle so you won't hear my sad voice
I miss it when it was just us
You know the three of us

Standing in a circle in my back yard
Singing of...
God knows what

I miss the feeling of a real laugh
I miss the feeling of knowing...
That maybe, just maybe
Everything's going to be alright

Why can't we go back
Put our friendship together again
You'll find that the only thing we really need
Is just us

Just us(poem)

Leader of the pack
Wolf Sister

Strangth of the pack
Dog Sister

"Wild dogs bear sharp teeth and trust no one" -Blue

I smiled
I laughed
You thought my eyes twinkled
Because I was happy
You’d come
You’d go
Never once did you stop and think
Never once did you realize what was happening to me
I lie awake at night
Waiting for you to come back
I’d sit there
Staring at the bright stars
I think I’m dieing inside
Slowly letting go
All because you failed to realize
I’m alone
My eyes were filled with grief
I was so tired of being alone
When I finally decided to set my world right
You couldn’t let me go
I’m cold
I’m tired
I’m so very sleepy
I take longer naps
I eat less then I use to
I think I lost a few pounds
I know if I leave you’d be alone
But if I stay I think I’ll die
I’m afraid of being alone
I fear being hurt
Never once did you stop to think
What this is doing to me

By: Blue

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Dream Char:

Scrible Scrible scrible

Line Line Line Line

Today I'm Feeling Sexxy.

"Blood. Tears. They seem to make the world go around. Spinning, spinning.
Faster, faster. We're all so tired inside, but we never give up hope that
someday, just maybe, we can stop the blood shed and the tears that ruin
our lifes." -Blue

"How do we know the devils not innocent?" -Torhu

"Promise me... Promise me you wont leave me.
No matter what the others say. Promise you'll
stay by my side no matter what Blue and Torhu

"I don't want to be alone anymore" -Blue

"It would seem I’m doomed to roam the earth alone for all eternity" -Ski

"I have many regrets, but the one I regret the most is running away" -Torhu

"The pain dances acrossed my skin. Teasing me. Taunting me, but never releasing me from the pain I carry deep down." -Blue

"He deserves to be... happy...
My happiness is his... He holds...
my heart forever... even if he
doesn't know." -Ski

"Ever since I was little I've wanted to die.
Why are you asking me to live? Can't you see
your torturing me?" -Blue

"There is no future, the past never
existed. It's only the persent" -Blue

"God does not forgive" -Blue

"I see the world is suffering, but all I can do is smile" -Torhu

"If you knew me, you would know I don't care" -Blue

"Imbrace your insane
and you'll forever be
sane" -Blue

"Excuse me, before I become a victim of my victim" -Ski

You can't say good-bye...
Not good-bye...
Never good-bye...
Good-bye is such a depressing word...
Such a sad phrase...
Good-bye always fills me with sorrow...

Good-bye means never seeing each other again...
Not talking anymore...
Good-bye is long lasting...
Such an unfair word...
I hate words such as Good-bye...

Hating Good-bye

By: Blue


I can't say the word good-bye
When I know it means forever
I can't think the word
When I know it means your leaving me

I can't even write good-bye
When your the one I'll never see
I can't type the word
When I know your the one who's crying

I'll beg
I'll plead
I'll do what ever it takes to make sure you stay with me

As I can see, you've made up your mind
I know I'm gonna miss you
And all the good times we had
I can honestly say in the short time I've known you
You have in, some way, become apart of my make shift family

- Shanndell

Future Back Tattoo:
"What I hate the most is this guilty,
useless feeling I get when I know
there's nothing I can do but sit back
and watch" -Blue

"Love is something special.
Never waist it on me."
- Blue

"Love is beautiful and fun to watch.
However, when it comes to loving me,
I seem to turn into a monster" - Blue

"Such beautiful words like love will
make me cry with happyness but frown
in sadness" - Torhu

"Does a non-existent soul deserves
love too? Even if all it brings
is the pain of not being there?"
- Ski

You sould know
- Ski

It’s only been a year since we broke up
It’s only been one long painful year with out you
It’s only been one year since I’ve heard your voice
It’s only been a very long year

I miss you
I miss us
I miss him
I miss them

Even though I was the one who broke it off
I feel as though it is me who is sufferin’
I loved you
You loved me
What more was needed?

One year of torturing myself
It’s been one year since I gave up
Been a year since I froze over my heart
A year with out you

A lot has happen
A lot you should have seen
A lot you should have been there for
A lot you could have comforted

If you are reading this, my love
I don’t mean to make you cry
I don’t mean to make you feel guilty
I just thought you would like to know
I’m nothing without you

- Ski

I don’ know what happen
It was just movin’ so fast
Life always seems to pass me by
Sometimes I don’ know where to turn

Friends get over protective
Family tells me not to worry
Lovers’ jus’ say pretty words
No one seems to understand

I think I’m insane
I can’t understand myself
The more people seem ta talk
The more I seem ta lose

I need to be alone
I need someone here
I want to shut it up
I wan’ it to keep talkin’

I’m confused
I’m so very confused
I think I’m insane
I think you should call the white coats now

Who can save me
Can I be saved
Will some on be willing enough to save me
Even when I don’ exist

Living Death
- Shanndell

I force my eyes to open
Fighting off the sleep
That began to set in
For some reason I had to fight it

I’m losing my vision
But I still trying to stay strong
Something’s willing me to stay

Next goes my hearing
I feel like I’m falling
Someone’s reaching to save me

Through my blurry state
I see her standing
Dressed in white robes
Pushing me back
Giving me strength

My body’s heavy
I can’t speak
All I can do is stare

Everything is bleeding black
My world falling apart before my eyes
Doctor’s mouths move
But nothing reaches my ears
Soon my world is gone

"There is a far worse fate then being eatten,"
Blue thought sadly staring lifelessly at the wall
before her, knees held to her chest by a pair of
thin bony arms. Pictures, memorys flashing rapitly
before her eyes and a river of tears finally made
its down her cold, pale cheeks.

"A name is sacred. It tells the world who you are.
Without a name you would be no one. Just another face,
just another being taking up space. A name is special
because it gives you meaning. So, If you must say a name,
say it right. If you must spell a name, spell it right.
And if you just so happen to hate the name, remember you
are hateing the person tied to the name" -Ski